Now that most automobile companies are shifting over to electric power, it won’t be long until everything runs on batteries. The move will indeed have a big impact on oil companies, but it is for the preservation of the environment. Thanks to electric cars and motorcycles, researchers believe its possible effectively reduce carbon emissions in the future. What’s great about this movement is that even manufacturers of exotic supercars are embracing the concept. Those looking for an emission-free ride for their daily urban commute should check out the Scrooser.

This two-wheeler is a cool mode of transportation that uses an efficient 500W motor to ferry you around town. To set your expectations correctly the range it gets from a full charge is not for the long-haul. As long as your destination is well within its 34-mile limitation, it should be smooth sailing throughout the trip. Thanks to its low center of gravity along with the wide tires, the Scrooser can stay upright on a flat surface. If you want to burn some calories along the way, just stand up and push off like you would a skateboard.

The motor draws power from a removable 36V 20,000 mAh battery that fully charges in just four hours. Users can select from four driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Hand, and Eco. Zip around in style with speeds up to 15.5 mph. The rear wheel uses a mechanical disc brake, while the front is equipped with a hydraulic unit. To keep the Scrooser looking slim, the batteries are hidden under the footboard.

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Images courtesy of Scrooser