These days we are seeing more companies collaborate with one another to create dazzling new products. These partnerships will likely benefit all the parties involved, which includes consumers. The goal is to eventually release new products that offer the best features and performance. Here we have a Berlin-based company dealing with mobility products working with BOSCH and LG. Together the group is introducing an emission-free and low-cost transportation and they’re calling it the Unu scooter.

It is actually a second-generation version of its electric scooter. Looking back, the first version oozes with a classic flair that old-school enthusiasts would undoubtedly love. Hence, the designers are not about to make drastic changes that make it unfamiliar to existing owners. The new models retain hints of the original’s aesthetics, yet with a splash of futuristic elements. Just like before, they’re offering seven colors that range from an elegant black to more playful colors such as coral pink and more.

You can’t deny that the Unu scooter bears some resemblance to the iconic Vespa. However, what makes it more attractive is its eco-friendly approach and affordability. The base model of the Italian two-wheeler can fetch a price of $3,799 and close to $8,000 for the top-range trim. On the other hand, this all-electric alternative costs around $3,125. We have yet to learn more about its technical details, but it will be driven by an electric motor designed by BOSCH. This exciting new ride is just a stepping stone for the company’s roadmap to eventually offer autonomous vehicles.

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Images courtesy of Unu