We’re loving the continuous flow of stealthy automobiles that have been debuting all around. Moreover, there have several cool collaborations between artists and carmakers as of late. To our surprise, the BMW M4 Competition x Kith is one of the more unique presentations this year. What we like about this tie-in is fun rebranding that the manufacturer was willing to go with. The result is the familiar silhouette of the 2022 BMW M4 Competition with bespoke styling elements.

The first visual treat that grabs your attention is the matte finish of its exterior. As we noted before, the partnership is not immediately obvious. Instead, one needs to study the coupe up close to appreciate it. Here lies its charm because it practically looks like your average luxurious transport. Nevertheless, each BMW M4 Competition x Kith is a special ride.

Letterings on the hood and trunk actually say Kith. For those who would rather advertise it, the optional carbon fiber roof can flaunt the logo. Our personal choice would be the Frozen Black colorway, but BMW also offers it in Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Dark silver. Glossy goes out the windows as the muted finish makes it more striking in our opinion.

Now that you know what goes on outside, let’s step inside the cockpit, shall we? What immediately greets us is a pair of M Carbon seats with full Merino leather upholstery. Following its theme, these are mostly in black save for the blue and red accents. Meanwhile, Kith monograms are embossed on the headrests, armrests, door sills, and center console. Finally, only 150 examples of the BMW M4 Competition x Kith are available for order globally.

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Images courtesy of BMW