The definition of a good parent is not set in stone. At a young age, kids are very impressionable. Hence it is essential for those who care for them to control their exposure to many things. When it comes to interest and hobbies, children normally take after whatever is regularly presented. Roel Van Heuer is doing his pal a solid with a cool project that will definitely bridge the relationship between father and son. Here is a balance bike in the image of a BMW K75.

The connection here is a custom BMW moto crafted by Heuer for his friend. The balance bike should, in theory, give dad a platform to ease his boy into the joys of riding motorcycles. Thus, considering the beginner-level experience that he will be dealing with, this seems like a perfect machine for it.

Starting with a 3D model on SolidWorks, he is bringing it forth to the real world in the best way possible. For reliability against the elements and the challenges on the road, stainless steel is the material of choice. After some cutting, cutting, and hand brushing, the fork and frames now have the familiar silhouette of a BMW K75.

As for the non-metal sections, a 3D printer makes quick work of the pieces it needs. Heuer even ensures that the fun continues when the sun goes down with a working LED headlight. A mini Velo seat, a pair of 12-inch double-spoke wheels, and Kendra tires complete the look. This BMW K75 replica is perhaps the most meaningful gift one can bestow to a buddy.

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Images courtesy of Roel Van Heuer