In the past, BMW has partnered with other brands to create amazing products that flaunt outstanding performance and impressive design. This iconic German marque does not limit itself to automotive endeavors only. As such, consumers can enjoy collaborations that ship with top-notch quality and attractive looks. Teaming up with 3T, the company is lending its skills to enhance the Exploro road bike. So far, from a visual standpoint, things are looking great.

The Italian company is already a renowned brand when it comes to reliable bicycles. Thus, the addition of BMW to the list just makes it even better. As its name suggests, the Exploro is an all-terrain model for those who seek adventure off the beaten path. Therefore, the special edition versions will take the quality and performance up a notch to the delight of their owners.

3T already has a robust and dynamic design with the original, but additional enhancements are always welcome. The material of choice is unidirectional pre-preg carbon fiber for outstanding durability despite its lightweight nature. It is shipping with Fulcrum Racing 7 DB with DRP double-seal hubs. Likewise, these alloys come with Schwalbe G-ONE SPEED Evo tires.

Then there’s the Brooks Cambium bartape and Brooks Cambium C17 H saddle for superior comfort and ergonomics. Next are several Shimano components on the rear derailleur, brakes, cassette, and the shift/brake levers as well. The BMW Exploro from 3T is looking like an even more premium option of an already high-end bicycle. The manufacturer is offering two colorways for this deluxe model: Grey/Grey/Mint and Grey/Blue.

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Images courtesy of 3T