BLUETTI is heading to Europe’s biggest tech show, the IFA 2022 (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin, Germany in September. The event will mark the debut of its three latest power stations— the AC500, EB3A, and EB600. These are “advanced energy storage products” that like the AC200 Max, EB70, EB55, AC50S, and AC300 +B300, deliver remarkable performance both for indoor and outdoor use.

Without further ado, let’s get to know these latest power stations ahead of the BLUETTI IFA 2022, which will run from Sept. 2 to 6. The showcase will start CEST from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Hall 3.2, Stand 211, Messe Berlin.



The BLUETTI AC500 is a power station that, like the AC300, does not come with its own battery. As such, it pairs with the B300 battery packs. This means it is a modular generator and an upgrade of the AC300. It can go as high as 18.432W when connected with six of the expansion batteries. It is capable of 5000W pure sine wave output (10,000W surge) and has a built-in UPS System, so you have an uninterrupted power supply 24/7.

The system automatically detects power loss in as fast as 20 milliseconds. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment so you may not even notice there is an outage. This power station can run most small and big home and personal devices, be it a microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, CPAP machine, and more. It has 16 ports that support multiple and simultaneous charging.  

As for the B300 battery, it’s an independent powerhouse in itself with multiple ports for charging, including a 100W UBC-C port, a 12V/10A DC output, and a USB-A port. A built-in MPPT allows for recharging using solar power at a 200W maximum load. The BLUETTI AC500+B300 will hit the EU market in September.  Get a better understanding of this power source ahead of the BLUETTI IFA 2022. Check our review on this amazing machine HERE.


Introduced at the CES 2022, the BLUETTI EB3A power station is the perfect travel and off-grid buddy. It is compact and lightweight at 4.60 kg. but large in capacity at 268Wh. It features a 330W fast charging that enables an 80% charge in 40min.

Moreover, it offers nine ports to satisfy all your power needs when outdoors, be it for picnics, camping, or a fun day at the beach. It has two USB-A ports and one 100W USB-C port that can juice up just about any electronics from laptops, smartphones, heaters, and more.

The BLUETTI EB3A even features a UPS bypass mode which enables the AC power to directly support loads on AC output ports and recharge the EB3A. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone as you get a UPS-type power pass-through and continuous power. Read our review on the BLUETTI EB3A power station HERE before you get a feel for it at the BLUETTI IFA 2022 event.


Lastly, you’ll get to meet the BLUETTI EP600 at the BLUETTI IFA 2022 event. Defined by its “disruptive technology,” this power station has the power to run most of your home appliances with ease.  Forget blackouts when you have this amazing machine waiting to boot up your devices at home. Details on this power station are scant for the time being, but it’s guaranteed to become a milestone in the power source industry. It is expected to hit the market in 2023.

BLUETTI strives to make your everyday life comfortable especially during power outages. With over 10 years of industry experience, it has tried to stay true to its commitment to providing a sustainable source of power. They have compact and portable power stations that make off-grid living comfortable and blackouts bearable while ensuring eco-friendly output. BLUETTI, after all, is a “global leader in clean energy storage industry” having offered generators that run on durable and safe LiFePO4 batteries instead of the archaic gasoline.