BLUETTI continues to find ways to make lives comfortable and easy during blackouts. From portable power stations, solar panels, and more, they never fail to provide everyday solutions to our electricity needs be it for indoor or outdoor use. Now, they are about to introduce their second modular power station, the BLUETTI AC500, which is an upgrade of the AC300.

More Reasons to Have Fun Indoors and Outdoors

Bluetti AC500

BLUETTI called their second modular power station their most powerful solar generator to date. Working with the B300 battery modules, you can expect continuous fun under the sun or non-stop power at home even during blackouts. The BLUETTI AC500 has a built-in UPS System so you have an uninterrupted power supply 24/7.

It can automatically detect power failure and take over 99% of your needs in as fast as 20 milliseconds. You won’t even notice there is a power interruption.  This way you can continue binging on your favorite shows on Netflix or function normally as you would at home with the electricity on.

The BLUETTI AC500 comes with a 5,000W pure sine wave inverter (10,000W surge) so it can support most big and small home appliances without any hassle. It can power a microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, CPAP machine, garage heater, and more.

Expandable Power Capacity  

Bluetti AC500

Given that the BLUETTI AC500 is a modular power station, then it does not come with its own battery like the AC300. It works with the B300S or B300 external battery packs so you can amp up the power capacity to a max of 18,432Wh. The B300 battery packs a capacity of 3072Wh. Read our review on the AC300 and B300 battery pack HERE

Aside from having the freedom to “build” your own power station, the modular design also makes it convenient to haul around. It significantly shrinks the overall size and unibody weight of the machine, while giving you the flexibility to carry each module individually instead of everything at once. Likewise, you can easily replace the batteries when the situation calls for it.

Supports Multiple Devices

Bluetti AC500

The BLUETTI AC500 is a fully upgraded version of the AC300 so it comes with more features including more ports to power multiple devices. It has 16 versatile output ports that can support multiple and simultaneous sharing.

The vast number of ports also makes recharging versatile. You can recharge the battery with the AC port, 12V/24V car charging, or a 12V/24V lead-acid battery. You can also opt for 3000W solar charging or via a generator. It can go from zero to 80% battery in 40 minutes using both 8,000W AC + PV Input.

The BLUETTI AC500 even comes with an LCD display for you to check on the status of your machine.  Speaking of status, you can also easily monitor and control the machine using the intuitive BLUETTI App. Similar to their most-recent releases, the B300 battery pack runs on a high-efficiency and most-trusted Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell, so you’re guaranteed seven or a max of 10 years of service.

Forget the archaic power solutions when it comes to blackouts. The BLUETTI AC500 got you covered anytime a power outage strikes. You can also totally rely on this backup electricity when you want to go off-grid but still enjoy the comforts of home.

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