We’ve all had those days when we don’t want to do a darned thing, just stay in bed/sit on the couch and lounge around. And after a long week of work, we really deserve it!

Finding the right clothing for those lounging sessions is absolutely crucial.

In the wrong clothes, you’ll get hot or cold (depending on the weather or your home’s AC/heating), start to stink after a few hours (because of excess sweat), and get uncomfortable far too quickly.

The right clothes, though, can be a game-changer. You can spend all day cool, comfortable, and smelling fresh as a daisy while enjoying that marathon gaming session or TV show binge.

For your comfort and convenience, we’ve collected a list of the absolute best lounge pants for men who just want to take it easy and relax on their days off.

Some are designed as the perfect all-day-in-bed pants, while others allow you to transition from bed to the gym to a stroll around town without ever having to change.

Read over our list below, and I guarantee you’ll find a pair of pants that serves your needs to PERFECTION—making those day-long lounge sessions an absolute delight.

What Makes a Good Pair of Lounge Pants?

Before we dive into our list, I want to take a moment to highlight the factors most crucial to consider when shopping for lounge pants:

Keep these six factors in mind as you browse our list of the best lounge pants for men below!

The 21 Best Lounge Pants for Men


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Lounge Jogger Pants

If you’ve never tried Tommy John’s line of Second Skin underwear or lounge pants, have you even really lived? Not only are they some of the softest, most comfortable clothing I’ve ever tried (I own multiple pairs of their trunks), but they’re also wonderfully breathable and versatile.

These lounge pants also double as joggers, so you can take them from the couch to the gym and back again in style. They’ve got just enough stretch that you can run, jump, and play, or kick your feet up at home for a marathon gaming session. The fabric and design offers enough ventilation to keep everything downstairs cool even after a day spend under your blankets, and the lightweight fabric won’t constrict or cause excessive sweat build-up.

The pants feature two side pockets (sized for even larger smartphones) and a drawstring that works with the elastic waistband to keep them securely in place. Really, their only downside (based on user reviews and my own tests) is their price tag. They’re costlier than many of the more budget-friendly options on our list. However, for the quality and comfort, it’s worth every penny!


  • Materials: 66% acrylic, 29% rayon, and 5% spandex
  • Suitable For: Lounging, athletic use
  • Size Options: S to 2XL

Taylor Stitch The Apres Pant

These pants, as their name suggests, were made for “after” (apres)—after you’re done with a long week, after all your to-dos are completed, and you’ve got nothing on your schedule but hours of relaxation and comfort. They’re best-suited to lounging, but you can take them out on the town for social events and still look sharply dressed.

The double cloth waffle makes them solid enough to wear out and about, but the organic cotton interior cloud-soft on your skin. With four pockets (two on the side, two on the rear), you’ve got space enough for all your EDC items. The elastic cuffs and waistband hug your body just right so the pants stay securely in place all day long. There’s even a neat little artistic flourish: the map of San Francisco has been printed inside the pocket to add a hint of flair.

Some users have complained that the waffle fabric is a bit rougher and thicker than expected, while others complained the bright, rich color began to fade after just a few washes. Bear that in mind when considering these stylish, luxurious-looking lounge pants.


  • Materials: 100% organic cotton
  • Suitable For: Apres-ski, lounging, nights out on the town
  • Size Options: M to XL

Paul Smith Jersey Cotton Lounge Pants With 'Artist Stripe' Waist

If you don’t plan to leave the house all day long, throw on these bad boys and get ready for maximum comfort. The pure cotton jersey is divinely soft and lightweight, offering excellent ventilation and breathability to keep you cool through a day of bingeing Netflix.

Don’t think for a moment they skimp on style just for the sake of comfort, though. Their cut is relaxed and the colors are bold, including an “artist’s stripe” on the waistband that adds a pop of eye-catching brightness. They also feature the Paul Smith signature label so you can show off your great taste in fashion.

On the downside, their price tag is very high, and the jersey fabric doesn’t stand up well to heavy sweating, high heat, or excessive activity.


  • Materials: 100% cotton jersey
  • Suitable For: Lounging
  • Size Options: S to XL

SHEEX Men's Modern Jogger

SHEEX has made its mark on the bedding industry, using a “performance fabric” that blends polyester and spandex to produce some truly comfortable, durable sheets. Now, they’ve brought that same excellence into loungewear, and the result is a pair of joggers that are amazing for both lounging and sports.

The fabric is ultra-breathable and lightweight, with both moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties that make them perfect for transitioning from the gym back onto the couch. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant, too, and requires virtually no maintenance to keep them looking amazing.

Thanks to the slim fit and relaxed leg, you’ll always look as good as you feel when wearing these. Though their price tag is reasonable, their lack of availability can be a problem. The pants are often sold out in all or at least some of the sizes, particularly Medium and Large. They’re great for very small or very large guys, but the “average” man may not be able to find a pair that fits.


  • Materials: 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex
  • Suitable For: Active wear, lounging, daily chores
  • Size Options: S, XL, XXL

J.Crew Lounge Pant in Organic Cotton Seersucker

If you want to keep it light and breezy all summer long, these are the lounge pants for you. The pure organic cotton is airy and comfy, but the seersucker stripe makes it both more durable and stylish than plain cotton. It’s eye-catching and shows that you know how to choose stylish clothes, even when you’re just kicking back at home.

The extra-long sleeves accommodate taller men, or just make them feel looser and baggier to accentuate their all-day comfort. The off-seam side pockets give them a casual, relaxed look you’ll love, and the additional back patch pocket ensures you’ve got extra space for important items you’re carrying around the house.

On the downside, all sales are final, so there’s no way to return or exchange them should they arrive defective. Also, they are often sold out.


  • Materials: 100% organic seersucker cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging
  • Size Options: XS to 2XL

CARSON Men's Cashmere Sweatpants

You won’t find a material softer than cashmere! It feels like a cloud is nestled against your skin, keeping you comfortable and warm all day long. These Carson sweatpants are the perfect cool-weather choice, lightweight enough that you can move easily while still keeping out the worst of the chill. Made using only 100% Grade A cashmere, these feel and look like a luxury item (with a price tag to match).

Even at a steep (40%) discount, these are among the priciest pants on our list, and there are no user reviews to back up the claims of their quality. However, they look absolutely amazing, and knowing how comfortable cashmere can be, it’s definitely a pair of lounge pants worth considering.


  • Materials: 100% Grade A cashmere
  • Suitable For: Lounging, cool-weather use
  • Size Options: M to 2XL

Long Jambys

If you want a pair of lounge pants that can be used for chores, cleaning, or gardening, give these Jambys a try. They’re sturdy and stretchy, made of a beautifully versatile blend of Modal and Spandex that makes them resistant to the sort of daily wear and tear you’d expect from a pair of “home loungers” like these.

They weigh very little but offer excellent durability, and they’re breathable enough that you’ll be comfortable whether you wear underwear or “go commando”. They serve as sweatpants and joggers, too, as much at home in the gym as on your couch or out on the streets. Not only are they well-priced, but they come in a wide range of bright style and pattern options that are eye-catching and a bold addition to your weekend wardrobe.

Fair warning, though: some users found the fabric pilled and sagged after just a few washes.


  • Materials: 95% Modal, 5% Spandex, knitted into a sumptuous French Terry.
  • Suitable For: Lounging, athletic use, chores around the house
  • Size Options: XS to 3XL

Relwen Air-Stretch Windpant in Navy

Wear these bad boys around the house, out into the streets, or in bed all day, and you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them! They look as relaxed and laid-back as you’d expect from a pair of windpants, with a soft mesh lining that reduces chafing and increases ventilation to pull sweat away from your legs. However, the wind-resistant outer shell makes them perfect for a stroll along the beach or a walk during the cooler, windier autumn months.

The elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord makes it easy to pull them tight and keep them in place no matter how active you are, or loosen them when you just want to kick your feet up and do nothing. The front hand pockets are large enough for your phone, keys, and/or wallet, and are designed to be bunching-resistant so the front of your pants always look sleek and stylish.

On the downside, their price tag is significantly higher than most of the bargain-friendly options on our list, but the quality isn’t. Also, their sizing options are limited (S to XXL), and the larger sizes are sold out more often than not.


  • Materials: Shell is 94% nylon, 6% spandex, Lining and Pocketing are 100% polyester
  • Suitable For: Athletic use, jogging, lounging, cool-weather wear
  • Size Options: Small to Large

THE VIRIDI-ANNE Gray Wide Lounge Pants

Looking for something a bit wider and looser? These pants by SSense fit the bill, with a wide-leg cut that lets them hang comfortably on your legs in any position, whether sitting, reclining, lounging, or lying down. Made from super-soft French terry cloth, they feature a strategically placed vent in each leg cuff that allows air to flow out or in as desired. And with four pockets, you’ve got space enough for your phone, wallet, keys, and other EDC items.

The pants are made in Japan, so you know they’re of higher quality than the bargain-budget items on our list. Though they’re far from the most affordable, it’s worth purchasing a stylish (in their own way) pair of lounge pants that you can trust will last for years to come.

The real drawback of these pants is that they come in only limited sizes, and the supply is short enough that they regularly sell out.


  • Materials: 100% French terry cloth cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging
  • Size Options: Waist Size 34 to 40 (US)


You’ve never worn a pair of lounge pants quite like these! Not only are they made using an insanely smooth, sleek blend of cotton and synthetic modal, but their straight-leg cut and fluid fit means you can kick up your feet or move around your house in equal comfort. The combination of elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstring lets you customize the fit to your waist specifically, all while letting the legs flow freely to stay comfortable in even the hottest weather.

They may not be the most stylish-looking or elegant choice—just that straight-leg look that you know and love—but every minute you spend lounging in these pants will be absolutely comfortable. Their color, too, is beautiful, subtle enough that it will blend with whatever you’re wearing while still making a statement about your sense of fashion.


  • Materials: 50% Cotton, 50% Modal
  • Suitable For: Lounging, gaming
  • Size Options: Small, Medium, XL

With BOSS (by Hugo Boss), you always know what you’re getting: clothing that strike the perfect balance between form and function. These BOSS pants look truly chic, thanks to their tapered-leg cut, form-fitting style, and the bold stripe down the side. They serve to accentuate your masculine physique and draw attention to your broad shoulders, helping you look your best even when just chilling on the couch.

The French cotton terry cloth is soft to the touch but wonderfully durable, and they’re lightweight and breathable enough that you’ll never have to worry about “swass” (look it up in the Urban Dictionary to see what I mean). They’re also surprisingly affordable considering the brand, and you’ll find they’re some of the best-fitting, best-looking, and most comfortable sweatpants you could own.


  • Materials: 100% French terry Cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging
  • Size Options: S to 2XL

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Lounge Pant L163

Whenever you want effortless style and casual comfort, Polo Ralph Lauren is the go-to brand to consider. These relaxed-fit lounge pants are brilliant for those lazy days inside spent on the couch. The pure cotton is soft to the touch and manages to be both lightweight and warm enough to keep out the late autumn and early spring chill.

Though they’re designed for simplicity—just a drawstring, elastic waistband, and on-seam pockets—they’re cut just right to make them look surprisingly stylish compared to some of the “slubbier” options on our list. And for the price, you won’t find many options better.

On the downside, though, users have complained that the material feels thin and may not hold up well to repeated use and more active activities.


  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging, cool-weather use
  • Size Options: S to XL

Cozy Earth Men's Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Pant

Cozy Earth goes a totally different direction with these lounge pants—instead of using cotton, they’re made from viscose derived from bamboo. Not only are they a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice, but they’re also insanely comfortable. Viscose feels dangerously close to silk, but without the excessive heat generation. Soft as a cloud and sleek as…well, a really sleek thing, it’s a pair of pants you will love wearing on every one of your days off.

The fabric is naturally breathable and has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool. Surprisingly, it even feels cooler to begin with, so you can wear them on even boiling hot days and stay comfortable in the worst heat. Thanks to the “enhanced weave”, the fabric won’t pill or sag, and they’re one of the most durable lounge pants on our list.

Users have complained that the higher-than-average price tag is also made worse by a very long wait time (6+ weeks), and the sizes tend to run short and small (so taller users beware!).


  • Materials: 100% Viscose from Bamboo
  • Suitable For: Lounging, hot-weather use
  • Size Options: S to 3XL

Mack Weldon Sunday Lounge Pant

On those lazy Sundays when you don’t want to do anything at all, these Mack Weldon lounge pants will be your best friend. They’re made using a cloud-soft flannel that will keep you comfortable all day long, but they’re stylish enough to wear when having guests/friends over for a weekend hang or marathon gaming session.

The interior drawcord keeps them hugging your hips tightly (no plumber’s crack in these bad boys!), but you’ll find the back is designed to have more than enough flex to allow excellent freedom of movement. The side and back pockets offer ample storage space for your keys, phone, wallet, and EDC items in case you decide to leave home. And, thanks to the zip fly, hitting the bathroom is a breeze, but the addition of button closure keeps everything securely tucked away.

There is one huge drawback with these pants, though: they tend to shrink in the wash. Better order a size up just in case!


  • Materials: 97% Cotton / 3% Stretch
  • Suitable For: Lounging, weekend entertaining, marathon gaming sessions
  • Size Options: S to 2XL

UpWest Unwind Lounge Pant

Kick back and unwind in style and comfort—that’s what these UpWest pants promise. The fleece used for the pants is both divinely soft and surprisingly lightweight; you can wear them all day long without feeling over-hot or stuffy, no matter the heat.

The blend of EcoVera and Spandex gives them enough versatility that you can wear them when puttering around the kitchen, digging in your garage, shooting pool in your man cave, or putting your feet up on the couch. You’ll love the relaxed, roomy fit, but they’re designed to still look trendy—no sagging or excessive bagginess here.

Really, their only real downside is that the pockets are too shallow for your phone (or even your hands), and anything you put in them will tend to fall out when you sit or lie down.


  • Materials: 95% EcoVera, 5% Spandex
  • Suitable For: Lounging, chores, home activities
  • Size Options: XS to XL

Frank and Oak The French Terry Lounge Pant

It doesn’t get much softer than French cotton terrycloth! There’s something utterly wonderful about the way it feels against your skin, and it’s warm enough that these pants will serve you well even into the winter months. Plus, Frank and Oak knows how to do casual comfort in style—the slim fit hugs your legs in just the right way to accentuate all your important assets.

The organic cotton is sturdy, and you can wear them day after day without worrying about sagging, fading, or pilling. Their design is inspired by workwear, which makes them ideal for guys who like to be a bit more active around the house on their days off.

However, be warned: guys packing a bit more “junk in the trunk” may find the pants too low-cut to cover everything, so be aware of plumber’s crack when wearing these.


  • Materials: 100% Organic cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging, chores
  • Size Options: XS to 2XL

RHUDE Logo Lounge Pants

Looking for lounge pants in a classic style and fashion-forward cut? Give these RHUDE pants a try. The French terry cloth is sturdy and comfortable, but the loose fit and elasticated ankle cuffs give them a trendy look you won’t find in your dad’s favorite old sweats. They’re pure cotton and made in the U.S.A., great for wearing at home and out on the streets.

Their biggest drawback is their high price tag—they cost more than most of the other pants on our list-and the fact that they often sell out in the standard sizes.


  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Suitable For: Lounging, street wear
  • Size Options: XS to 2XL

Skechers Apparel GOknit Pique Lounge Pant

The brand that makes your favorite pair of active shoes knows a thing or two about comfort at an affordable price, so you definitely want to give these Skechers pants a third and fourth look!

They’re made from a fabric that combines the softness and light weight of cotton with the durability and versatility of polyester, with just enough flex that they’ll be comfortable for any at-home task or chore. The front patch pockets are extra-deep and more than capable of storing even a full-sized smartphone (or small tablet) safely.

They’re not the sort of lounge pants you wear out of the house or in front of friends, but on those days when you’re home alone, they’re just what you want to throw on!


  • Materials: 68% Cotton, 32% Polyester
  • Suitable For: Lounging, chores, home activities, gaming
  • Size Options: M to 2XL


These pants combine the best features of bamboo, cotton, and Spandex to create something truly amazing. The soft, cool feel of viscose and cotton’s lightweight is complemented by Spandex’s inherent elasticity, making them great for lounging around the house or hitting up the gym. Thanks to the semi-tapered leg, they’ll hug your form while still giving you plenty of room in the thigh and waist for comfortable movement.

Their high bamboo content makes them a semi-sustainable/eco-friendly product, and the authentic bamboo cellulose fiber is tough enough to withstand years of weekend wear. Really, the only serious drawbacks are that they’re only available in limited sizes, and they tend to sell out quickly.


  • Materials: 70% Bamboo viscose/25% Organic cotton/5% Spandex Stretch Fleece
  • Suitable For: Lounging, running, athletic use
  • Size Options: S to XL

Hugo Boss Men's Identity Jogger Lounge Pants

With Hugo Boss clothing, you know exactly what you’re getting: a blend of form and function, with enough durability that you can rely on them to last you a long, long time. These pants live up to that standard, blending just enough elastane into their cotton-forward fabric to offer excellent versatility, making them well-suited to use at home as well as out and about. They’re cut in just the right way to stay comfortable while accentuating your masculine physique. Plus, they’ve got pockets sized perfectly for all your EDC items and a full-sized smartphone.


  • Materials: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Suitable For: Lounging, at-home activities, heading out to the mall
  • Size Options: Small to 2XL

UnderGents Swagger Lounge Pants

On those weekends you intend to spend all day in bed, these UnderGents lounge pants are the perfect item of clothing. They’re ultra-thin and beautifully lightweight, and you’ll all but forget you’re wearing them when snuggled under a blanket or putting your feet up on the couch. They double as excellent pajamas thanks to the sleek, silky Micro modal fabric used in their design.

They’ve got just the right amount of stretch to stay comfortable and are loose enough you can move easily, but they won’t sag or fade with regular washing. I’ve personally worn these for over a year now and though the fabric is definitely on the thinner side (which I fear makes them prone to tearing, ripping, or punctures), they’re the perfect summer lounge pants to keep me cool on even the hottest day.


  • Materials: Micro modal
  • Suitable For: Lounging, all-day binge-watching sessions, staying in bed the entire weekend
  • Size Options: S to 3XL