For men blessed with a glorious beard, grooming is even more important than ever!

Guys with clean-shaven faces or minimal facial hair can get away with expending little or no effort. There’s so little that there’s not enough to worry about.

But beards require a whole new level of grooming. You’ve got to trim it regularly, keep it from looking wild and wooly, and don’t even get me started on the annoyance that is “beardruff”.

Beard shampoos are an absolutely critical component in beard grooming. In fact, it’s the first step in your long and complex beard care process. After all, it’s only after you know your beard is truly clean that you can get on with the straightening, brushing, oiling, waxing, and shaping.

Below, we’ve collected a list of the absolute best beard shampoos, products that will maximize cleanliness and add a delightfully masculine scent to your beard.

Take the time to not only look over each product, reading the pros and cons, but also read the “Buying Guide and FAQs” section that will share with you everything you need to know about buying the beard shampoo that will give you a truly spectacular-looking beard.


1Billy Jealousy Beard Wash Hydrating Mens Beard Shampoo Review

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash Hydrating Mens Beard Shampoo

This beard shampoo is compatible with all skin and hair types, great for guys with either sensitive or extra-oily skin. It’s highly effective at cleansing and hydrating your beard, softening your hair and making grooming a lot easier.

The sulfate-free and paraben-free formula will reduce itching, dandruff, and flaking skin, and it uses only gentle ingredients (including aloe and green tea extract) that will nourish and enrich both your skin and hair. It also contains soy proteins that are easily absorbed into your beard hairs to strengthen the fibers and increase collagen production.

This product isn’t just number one on our list – it’s won Esquire and AskMen awards. It has a lovely fragrance: oak moss, tropical fruit, sandalwood, and lavender. It forms a rich, thick lather and applies easily to even the thickest beard. You’ll love getting all sudsy and smelling like a million bucks with this amazing beard shampoo!

On the downside, it’s definitely on the pricier side for a beard shampoo, and it comes in a bulky package.


  • checkPrevents itching and flaking
  • checkFree of sulfates
  • checkGentle ingredients, such as aloe


  • cross-altNot very affordable


  • Scent Sandalwood, tropical fruit, lavender, oak moss
  • Hair type All
  • Size 6 oz
2Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Review

Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner

Save yourself from having to buy both a beard shampoo and conditioner with this two-in-one grooming product pack!

Viking Revolution is one of the best-known brands in the industry, renowned for making top-quality products at a decent price. This definitely lives up to the reputation, as it’s a beard shampoo and conditioner pair that effectively cleans your beard, giving your hair a silky, sleek finish that will be gentle to the touch and easy to comb or brush.

Thanks to the argan and jojoba oils used in its formulation, it’s excellent for nourishing your hair and skin, as well as reducing irritation. You can say goodbye to “beardruff” with this bad boy in your shower. It’s also great for detangling a thick, coarse, and long beard, leaving your hair soft and infinitely easier to control.

These two products have an invigorating sandalwood scent, but the fragrance becomes subtle after use so it won’t be overwhelming. You’ll find it actually layers quite nicely with your daily colognes and deodorants, making it perfect for completing your signature scent.

There’s really just one negative to be aware of: the dispensers will pump a bit too much into your hand, so you might end up going through your supply faster than expected. But it’s a well-priced product that delivers great value for your money.


  • checkReduces itching and irritation, as well as “beardruff”
  • checkContains natural beard oil
  • checkBest beard shampoo for dandruff lathers


  • cross-altBottle pump too much shampoo
  • cross-altPackage quality issues


  • Scent Sandalwood
  • Hair type All
  • Size 17 oz
3​​Proraso Beard Wash Review

​​Proraso Beard Wash

For guys with fine facial hair, this is the beard wash you want! It’s not going to form an ultra-thick lather, but it will still do an excellent job of cleansing and conditioning your hair. The Italian-made beard wash also smells absolutely amazing and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

The cleanser uses only plant-based surfactants, as well as 83% plant-based ingredients—so you know it’s one of the most natural products on our list. The mixture of natural ingredients makes for a highly effective cleanser that can eliminate odors, food particles, bacteria, and dead skin cells to leave your beard beautifully clean.

The scent of “Wood and Spice” is wonderfully manly, with hints of rock rose and cedar to accentuate your masculine musk. Some find the scent a bit too strong, but that may vary depending on your personal preferences.

Although it’s low-foaming, it’s a creamy, rich cleanser for your beard. It’s free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors, and silicones. It’s recommended that you use this beard cleanser twice a week for best results, so a little will go a long way.


  • checkGreat for sensitive skin
  • checkIdeal for use in the cold months
  • checkEasy to wash out


  • cross-altToo strong scent
  • cross-altStiff hair after use


  • Scent Wood and spice
  • Hair type Fine
  • Size 200ml
4Beard Roar XL | Facial Beard Shampoo for Stimulating Facial Hair Growth Review

Beard Roar XL Beard Shampoo

Need a bit of extra help growing out that beard, or encouraging your facial hair to grow in thicker, stronger, and more lush? Then you need Beard Roar XL Beard Shampoo!

This shampoo is actually formulated to stimulate hair growth, thanks to the caffeine infused into the mixture. Caffeine is believed to combat hair loss because it stimulates your hair follicles and increases blood flow to your skin. Plus, with coconut, avocado, and argan oil, it will do an amazing job of cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating your beard hair.

You can use this beard wash on other facial hair, such as your moustache, so it’s a versatile product. As a bonus, it not only works on all types of beard hair but all skin types too. It has a fresh scent that will make you feel invigorated after your morning shower.

Some people found that this shampoo arrived with a leak in the bottle, and others claimed that they didn’t see as much hair growth as the product claimed. But if you’re looking for a helping hand in the beard department, it may be worth a test nonetheless!


  • checkCaffeine encourage growth of your beard
  • checkContains essential oils
  • checkFor all types of skin and hair


  • cross-altHair growth rate complaints
  • cross-altPackage issues


  • Scent Fresh
  • Hair type All
  • Size 120 ml
5Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set Review

Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

If you’re trying to up your grooming game, let Polished Gentleman help you look and smell your absolute best all day long. This set of shampoo and conditioner does an amazing job of cleaning your beard and skin, providing nourishment to facilitate hair growth and maintain a healthy beard. Plus, it will lock in moisture to make the beard easier to brush (or comb).

The shampoo works up into a rich, thick lather that applies easily to your beard, and the conditioner’s “whipped” texture will feel amazing on your hands, hair, and skin. With ingredients like eucalyptus, Manuka honey, biotin, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil, these are both highly effective at cleansing and conditioning your hair. They’re particularly effective at preventing split ends and repairing dry, damaged, or thinning beard hairs.

You’ll love the minty, fresh fragrances, which wake up your senses and add a bit of “zip” to your scent. Though the shampoo is a bit on the watery side, the scent is just strong enough to layer with your regular cologne and deodorant without being overpowering.


  • checkFresh and minty scent
  • checkBoth products hydrate beard
  • checkContains healthy ingredients


  • cross-altPackaging issues
  • cross-altGuite watery shampoo

Maestro's Classic Beard Wash

This beard wash is free of sulfates and therefore kind to your facial hair as well as the delicate skin on your face. It has a strong foaming action that makes you feel that you’re getting a good clean. It’s got ingredients such as bergamot, black pepper, and grapefruit notes in its fragrance – expect to smell classy and sophisticated!

It does an amazing job of moisturizing your skin and hair, but it won’t leave behind a greasy film or increase skin oil production—which makes it particularly useful for guys with oily skin. It’s also highly effective at de-tangling your beard, allowing you to brush or comb it smooth with minimal effort.

Guys who suffer from beard itching will find the beard wash does an amazing job of eliminating dead skin cells and bacteria, so you can say goodbye to “beardruff” for sure. A little bit goes a long way, and you’ll end up using less with every wash, so it lasts a lot longer than many of the competing products on our list.

On the downside, the price is a bit higher than some of our top picks, and some users have reported the occasional skin irritation or rash outbreak as a result of using this beard wash. It may not be suitable for guys with sensitive skin.


  • checkFree of sulfates
  • checkStrong foaming action
  • checkClassy and sophisticated smell


  • cross-altNot affordable as other products
  • cross-altSkin broke out


  • Scent Grapefruit and bergamot
  • Hair type All
  • Size 8 oz
7SheaMoisture Beard Wash for a Full Beard Review

SheaMoisture Beard Wash for a Full Beard

For guys who want the most natural product possible, give this amazing gel beard wash a try! It’s made using incredible ingredients like Shea butter and maracuja oil, with no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or phthalates. Just the best of Mother Nature to help you keep your beard looking spectacular.

Compared to many high-lather shampoos and beard washes, this gel produces just a very light foam that applies into your beard with minimal effort, but won’t feel heavy or thick. It also won’t leave oily residue on your skin or hair, but it does an excellent job of eliminating diet, odors, debris, and dry skin cells.

For guys with coarse beards, you’ll love how well this product softens and smooths out the hair. It’ll make brushing or combing exponentially easier because you won’t have to worry about tangles or knots. The Shea butter also helps to enrich the skin of your cheeks, chin, and neck.

On the downside, some people have said that the scent is a bit floral, which they didn’t like, and others said they would have liked it if the beard wash was more soothing to prevent itchiness.


  • checkContains shea butter and maracuja oil
  • checkFree of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and petrolatum
  • checkIdeal for long beards


  • cross-altFloral scent is not for everyone


  • Scent Shea butter and floral
  • Hair type All
  • Size 6 oz
8THE REAL MAN All New Beard Wash & Conditioner Review

THE REAL MAN All New Beard Wash & Conditioner

If you want a fuss-free beard grooming ritual in the morning, this beard wash is a good idea. It comes with a conditioner included, so you get the benefit of a cleaner and smoother beard by buying one product.

You’ll love how this beard wash and conditioner eliminates frizz and fluff, helping you to keep even the most unruly beard under control. It’s great for guys who like to style their facial hair—the softening, smoothing action will make it much easier to brush and keep it from frizzing out once you’ve finished applying beard oil.

The combination of Vitamin E, neem extract, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients make it highly effective at combatting itchiness, dryness, and beardruff. Though it’s useful for all hair types, it does a particularly good job at enriching thin and dry hair, repairing any damage and restoring moisture. It’ll actually apply a protective layer that keeps the hair from drying out, cracking, or splitting at the ends.

It’s a fairly mild formula that’s safe for daily use, even for guys with sensitive skin. On the downside, you have to use A LOT of it in order to get a full lather, so it’s not the best budget product on our list.


  • checkMakes your beard softer, shinier, and free of dreaded frizz
  • checkPrevent itchiness
  • checkSuitable for all hair types


  • cross-altLot of the product is required to wash a full beard


  • Scent Fresh
  • Hair type Thin, dry, frizzy
  • Size 6.76 oz
9Professor Fuzzworthy

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Give your beard a totally new form of treatment by using shampoo and conditioner “bars” rather than liquid!

These bars are made in Tasmania using all-natural ingredients, including lavender, Kunzea, raw coconut oil, and beer (yes, you read that right!). It’s soothing enough to use on sensitive skin, but still does an excellent job of cleansing and eliminating dirt, skin oils, and dead skin cell flakes. You’ll find it leaves your beard feeling softer, richer, and looking glossier with every wash.

Best of all, it’s incredibly long-lasting! Each bar will last about the same amount of time as TWO large bottles, anywhere between 100 and 150 washes (up to a year’s supply). Though the price tag is a bit higher than the other products on our list, the fact that it lasts for so long definitely makes it worth considering.

Some people who have purchased this product have reported that it doesn’t work too well to control beardruff. That’s chiefly because it’s intended to repair and restore dry hair, so be aware of that if you’re shampoo-shopping for a product to deal with beardruff.


  • checkContains organic and natural ingredients
  • checkContains ingredients that promote hair growth
  • checkShampoo and conditioner are versatile


  • cross-altImpractical cube form
  • cross-altDoesn’t work for beardruff.


  • Scent Woody
  • Hair type Dry
  • Size 4.2 oz
10Zeus Men’s Everyday Beard Grooming Kit Review

Zeus Men’s Everyday Beard Grooming Kit

This Zeus shampoo is part of an entire grooming kit that includes a conditioner, oil, and balm—an all-in-one kit you’ll use on a daily basis to keep your beard looking glorious.

The shampoo contains natural ingredients like green tea extract to increase circulation, soothing chamomile, and anti-microbial, anti-bacterial Dragon’s blood (yes, that’s the real name!). Combined, these ingredients do wonders to cleanse your hair and skin without triggering irritation or increasing dryness. It won’t strip your hair’s natural oils, just eliminate excess skin oil, dirt, and grime while still leaving your beard protected.

The conditioner in the pack is useful to soften and tame unruly, frizzy beards. To achieve this, it contains avocado oil, aloe vera, and pro-vitamin B5.

And, of course, once you’re done with the washing and conditioning, you can use the beard oil to help tame unruly hairs and increase shine. The high-antioxidant ingredients (, such as argan oil, vitamin E, safflower oil, and grapeseed oil) will do wonders to smooth your beard and add gloss. With a final layer of beard wax (made with beeswax and candellila wax), you have everything you need to shape your beard to perfection.

You may find the beard oil is a bit on the “light” side. Though it applies easily enough, it doesn’t offer enough hold to tame truly wild beards. And you may find the packaging is too bulky, as well as prone to quality control issues.


  • checkGentle natural ingredients
  • checkBeard oil doesn't leave greasy residue.
  • checkBeard balm for beard and skin protection


  • cross-altUnderwhelming shampoo scent
  • cross-altPackaging quality issues


  • Scent Sandalwood
  • Hair type Dry
  • Size 8 oz
11Old Spice Beard Wash Review

Old Spice Beard Wash

Old Spice has been around since 1938, but this isn’t your grandfather’s beard shampoo. It’s thicker, richer, and modernized with all the latest cutting-edge ingredients guaranteed to improve your beard health.

It’s formulated for daily use with sensitive skin, but it’s tough enough to soften even the coarsest and thickest of beards. It easily forms a thick, soapy lather that applies to your beard with minimal effort, penetrating through the “foliage” to reach your skin and hair follicles with maximum efficacy.

Whether you have a long or short beard, this is the beard wash you want standing by. It’ll soften, smooth, and nourish even dry and brittle hair. And, of course, you’ll love the standard manly Old Spice scent—a modern take on the classic aromas. It’s noticeable enough to draw attention, but won’t overpower your other scents.

Just be aware: a number of users have complained that the bottles arrive with a broken pump dispenser. And it’s made mostly of artificial ingredients, so guys who are interested in the all-natural route may want to look elsewhere.


  • checkAll hair and skin types
  • checkEasier to style beard after use
  • checkSensitive skin friendly


  • cross-altPump dispenser issues


  • Scent N/A
  • Hair type Textured hair
  • Size 7.6 oz


If you have a beard or you’re trying to grow one, you need to choose the right beard shampoo for it. Read on to find out why beard shampoos are an essential item to own and how to use them. 

Is Beard Shampoo Really Necessary?

This is a question I found myself asking when first I started growing my current luxurious beard. It was easier to just let the water rinse away the grime—or so I thought!

Beard shampoo serves very specific roles in keeping your beard (and face) clean:

Beard Shampoo 101

Beard shampoo comes in two different forms:

The ingredients in your beard shampoo are very important to the effectiveness of the shampoo—and, of course, the resulting health of your beard.

Shampoos typically contain a few “layers” of ingredients:

Carrier oils as the “base” layer. Carrier oils are light oils (like almond or coconut oil) that are easily absorbed into your skin and hair. They’re also gentle enough not to cause irritation and dilute the stronger essential oils. They’ll also help to soften your beard hair and reduce itchiness.

Essential oils as the “middle” layer. These are stronger oils (like tea tree or peppermint oil) that work as an anti-bacterial agent to eliminate dead skin cells, odors, and bacterial build-up on your skin and hair. They’re the “cleansing” part of the shampoo, but are usually so potent they have to be diluted with carrier oils to avoid irritation. They also provide a powerful scent component and may even encourage hair growth.

Micronutrients as the “top” layer. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all provide nourishment for your facial skin and hair follicles, encouraging better pH balance, facilitating hair growth, increasing circulation, etc. Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and antioxidants are all commonly used to promote stronger, thicker, healthier beard hairs.

Unfortunately, many shampoos also contain a lot of chemical ingredients, which help to thicken, increase the absorption of, or create a richer lather from the shampoo. We’ll get into this in greater detail below (see the section “A Quick Lesson on Shampoo Ingredients”).  

Your Buying Guide to the Perfect Beard Shampoo

When shopping for a beard shampoo, there are a few factors you need to consider:

Multi-Purpose Use – You know how grooming products made for men will often be “multi-purpose” products? For example, you may find an “all-in-one” product that is beard shampoo, wash, and conditioner. These are typically inexpensive and often effective, making them a great budget buy.

However, guys who want to really pay extra attention to their beard may be better off sticking with single-purpose products—a bottle each of dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner. That way, you have greater control over how often you wash and condition your beard, allowing you to adapt your hygiene according to how your beard responds to the products.  

Finish – Shampoos are designed to strip excess oil from your beard hair and facial skin, but some are made with oils (essential and carrier oils, as explained above) intended to protect your beard against dryness after the washing. Sometimes, they’ll have too much oil, and you’ll find your beard feels slightly greasy or covered with an oily film after washing. It’s worth looking for a shampoo that has a non-greasy finish so your beard will feel soft and clean to the touch.

Scent – Scent plays a huge role not in the washing part of the beard, but the post-shower grooming. The scent of your beard shampoo will be “layered” on with your deodorant, body spray, cologne, beard wax/oil/balm, and other grooming products. If the scent is overpowering or doesn’t match the scents of your other grooming products, it will mess with the “finished product”.

Some men like to have two or three different shampoos that can be mixed and matched with various scent profiles—for example, one for a heavier, sweeter night-time fragrance, and another for the lighter, airier daytime fragrance. Or, stick with a more “neutral” scent like peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil, which is compatible with most scent profiles.

Bottle Size – This is a factor that plays a role in A) whether or not you can bring your beard shampoo on your travels, and B) how long the shampoo will last. You can obviously find wholesale-sized bottles on the cheap, but those tend to be more chemical-laden and often less effective beard shampoos. Plus, they’re not travel-friendly. On the other hand, there are some truly pricey shampoos that come in tiny bottles, so you’ll use up your supply in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

Consider buying two shampoos: one for daily use at home, and one to pack for your travels. That way, you can get a decent-sized bottle that offers great value, but you also have a portable option to take with you anywhere you go. It’s the perfect solution for always having a high-quality beard shampoo handy no matter where you are!

Allergic Reaction – This isn’t something you always can factor in before you buy the shampoo, but definitely something to think about.

Some people are allergic to standard shampoo ingredients like Vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, peppermint, tea tree oil, etc. If you know you’re allergic, read the list of ingredients to make sure you’re buying a shampoo free of whatever triggers your allergy.

But if you’ve never experience an allergic reaction before and aren’t sure if you’re allergic to anything, it’s still worth paying attention to your skin and hair for the first 2-3 weeks of using a new shampoo. If your skin feels extra-itchy, your beardruff increases, and you notice redness or inflammation, these are all signs that you’re allergic to something in the shampoo.

Claims – Beware of any shampoo that claims to offer too-good-to-be-true results, especially regarding hair growth. Shampoos that contain biotin will often be marketed as “hair regrowth” or “hair thickening” shampoos, but the truth is that their effects are minor at best. Don’t pay a fortune for an over-hyped product just because the sales page makes grandiose claims. Do your research before buying any of these products, and you’ll find that their claims range from scientifically unsubstantiated to downright inaccurate.  

Price – Price is probably the least important factor to consider when buying a beard shampoo, but you should still keep it in mind. After all, if you find the perfect beard shampoo that hits all the right notes—the perfect scent, beautiful lather, non-greasy finish, and it leaves your beard soft and beautifully pliable—but costs more than you can afford, it’s going to be a massive let-down.

A good bottle of high-quality beard shampoo will usually range between $15 and $25. If you find the perfect shampoo that’s a bit out of your price range, consider buying it and a budget shampoo that you can use interchangeably to keep grooming costs manageable.

A Quick Lesson on Beard Shampoo Ingredients

One of the most important factors to consider when beard shampoo-shopping is the ingredients the shampoo contains. Simply put, there are a few that you absolutely want in your shampoo, as well as a few that you’d do well to avoid at all costs.

Let’s start with the “no-no” ingredients. These include:

Make sure to read over the list of ingredients on the bottle of any shampoo you’re considering buying. If you see any of these on the list, it’s time to look elsewhere!

Now that we’ve gotten the harmful ingredients out of the way, let’s talk about the “good”, beneficial ingredients that will increase the health of your face, hair follicles, and beard hairs.

Some of the best ingredients to look for are:

These are all highly potent and beneficial ingredients that will provide the natural cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting you need from a good beard shampoo.

For those worried about hair loss, shampoos that contain niacin (increases circulation), phyto-caffeine (reduces thinning), and histidine (shields from UVA/UVB radiation and prevents excessive copper intake) are all ingredients to look for.

For those with very curly, coarse, or frizzy hair, shampoos that contain glycerin (locks moisture into hair), seed oils (like blackseed, grapeseed, or Abyssinian seed oils, which moisturize and detangle strands), and essential butters and oils (like shea butter and argan oil, which hydrates hair and maintains glossy curls) are ideal ingredients.

For those with oily hair, shampoos that contain tea tree oil can do wonders to strip excess skin/hair oils and maintain a healthy oil balance.

For those with extra-dry or dyed hair, shampoos that contain argan, coconut, macadamia, or almond oil will help to hydrate and nourish your hair.

For those looking to add volume, shampoos that contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, coconut, almond, and sunflower oils will help to thicken straight hair. Keratin-containing shampoos can also help to increase protein absorption into the strands and smooth and soften your hair.

For those with dandruff, shampoos that contain anti-fungal agents (like ketoconazole or selenium disulfide) can help to kill off the bacteria causing your beard to flake.


How often should I wash my beard?

Ideally, you should wash your beard with warm water daily, but apply shampoo and conditioner 1-3 times per week. Men with dry skin will want to stick with 1-2 shampoo/conditioner washes per week to avoid stripping away much-needed oils. Men with oily or combination skin may want to shampoo no less than 3 times per week to prevent the build-up of skin oils.

There is no hard and fast rule, so you should keep a close eye on your beard and skin health to watch for signs of beardruff, oiliness, or dryness. That will inform you if you’re washing too much, not enough, or just the right amount!

Does washing my beard help it grow?

Yes, it does!

When you wash your beard (properly), you eliminate a lot of the grime, dead skin cells, dirt, and oils that build up. These accumulated particles can actually decrease circulation, prevent proper hydration and oxygenation of your hairs and follicles, and slow hair growth. By washing your beard regularly, you keep your hair follicles in tip-top shape, encouraging their natural, steady growth rates.

Can I use baby shampoo to wash my beard?

If you have very sensitive skin, baby shampoo may be a great option for keeping your beard clean. Baby shampoo is much gentler than adult shampoos, so it’s less likely to trigger irritation or allergic reactions on your skin.

Is beard wash better than regular shampoo?

Most “regular” shampoo is designed for the hairs on your head, which A) are tougher, B) are a different texture, and C) have a different oil balance than your beard hairs. Many hair shampoos are designed to strip away a lot of oil—more than is present in your beard—so they can lead to dryness, brittle hair, and skin irritation.

You absolutely can use the same shampoo for both your head and beard, but it’s critical that you pay close attention to how your face and facial hair reacts to it. If you notice your beard is changing—getting dry, accumulating excess oil, feeling greasy, or looking brittle—then it’s a sign the shampoo is too strong. In cases like that, it’s worth getting a gentler beard shampoo formulated specifically for your facial hair and skin.