Benchmade is taking its knifemaking expertise from the field to the table. Their first-ever kitchen knife, the Benchmade Table Knife, is sure to bring out your inner chef.

This clip-point blade is as versatile as it can get. It can slice off anything from vegetables, meat, bread, anything that needs cutting on your kitchen counter. It offers both precision and strength with its proprietary 14-degree SelectEdge blade for maximum precision. Its stainless steel, serrated blade speaks of durability and enduring strength. Its smoother and sharper edge can easily slice through those ribeyes.

The Benchmade Table Knife is “precise enough for prep and tough enough to cut through game.” It definitely deserves its place on your table, wherever that table is. It is also wear-resistant so you can surely store it and keep it as a family heirloom of sorts.

Speaking of storage, this knife comes in a handcrafted red birch box for streamlined and elegant safekeeping. The box adds a touch of elegance to a counter or table.

The Benchmade Table Knife sits nicely in the hands as it is not too big and not too small. It weighs 3.19 ounces and provides a good grip with its slim handle at just 0.59 inches.

Moreover, the Benchmade Table Knife has a blade that is just at the right thickness of 0.090 inches and a length of 5.13 inches. The G10 handle is at par on its strength and durability with the stainless steel blade. It can handle heavy use in both wet and dry conditions.

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Images courtesy of Benchmade