A sharp knife is important when you want to debone fish, chicken, or any meat. It also comes in handy when you obsess with pristine cuts. You don’t want to settle for blades that lose their sharp performance after a few slices. You should then consider the Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives set from Gladiators Guild if you want long-lasting razor-sharp performance.

The set comes with three knives with blades all forged from Damascus steel bolt-molded unto Red Pakka wood handles. The sizes differ in each knife with the longest (including the handle) measuring 13 inches long and the two others at 11 and 9 inches. The 13-inch knife comes with a 7.5-inch blade and a 5.5-inch handle. The 11 inches kitchen knife has a six-inch blade and 5-inch handle whereas the 9 inches features a 4-inch and 5-inch blade and handle, respectively.

Performance-wise, expect these knives to keep their sheen and sharpness even over prolonged use. Damascus steel is known to maintain its keen edge and is hard and flexible. Knives constructed from this steel perform better compared to those made from iron.

This set of Damascus steel kitchen knives from Gladiators Guild are a keeper. You can use them as your kitchen centerpiece as they add elegance and style to your chopping board. They boast the wavy marks on the blade inherent of Damascus steel when forged. The wood handles add a touch of classic and earth-toned beauty with their own spherical patterns. The bolts provide rugged appeal and security as they hold the blade and wood together to prevent slippage or loosening during use.

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Images courtesy of Gladiators Guild