For those who appreciate the joy of riding a lightweight bike, Auto Fabrica’s ‘Type 4A’ Yamaha SR250 may just strike your fancy. The new build originated as a SR250 but quickly shed excess weight until the final product ended up much less than the stock 130 kilograms. It started with the fabrication and fitting of the smaller aluminum tank complete with scalloped knee indents.

The engine was entirely rebuilt before being matched to a full custom stainless steel straight pipe exhaust, boasting the shop’s seamlessly flowing lines (just like their superb Type 6 & Type 8 bikes).

The standard 16″/19″ wheel combination was switched out for 18″ rims front & rear, while higher shocks on the rear and a lower the front maintain the proper side profile.

The look is all-class and a joy to put through its paces – a simple, elegant and timeless machine that makes us hope this won’t be the last SR250 Auto Fabrica will grace with their touch!