We’ve come to expect stellar levels of craft and finish from Auto Fabrica, but their Type 6 Motorcycle adds impeccable industrial design to an already stellar reputation.

Boasting pristine cleanliness, the Type 6 displays its beauty right down to the tank and seat base – a single elegant unit formed from 2.5-millimeter aluminum. The XS650 frame is also modified (by lowering the headstock by two inches and moving it back very slightly), creating a strong top line flowing from the headlight to the rear cowl.

As one of four XS650s rescued from a farm (in the depths of rural Cornwall), shop owner Bujar Muharremi describes it as “a lucky find that effectively kickstarted our company.” Bujar and his garage crew spent a massive amount of time on preliminary designs before they picked up the grinders. Starting with hand sketches (all the way to Photoshop renderings), they virtually created the bike before turning their vision into an actual, tangible thing. Also sporting handmade stainless steel exhaust pipes (with custom baffles hidden inside), an aqua blasted matte finish and an entirely rebuilt engine with 0.5-oversize pistons, the Type 6 is available for in-garage examinations and buyer inquiries.

Auto Fabrica Type 6 Motorcycle 1

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