Protect your home from unwanted guests with the all-new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This security device not only monitors who comes in and out of your house. It also lets you share access to your home to family and friends.

Experience peace of mind when you leave your home with the added security features of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It uses an auto-lock function which automatically locks your front door once it’s closed or after a specified amount of time. It uses geofencing to automatically unlock the door when you come home.

Meanwhile, a DoorSense sensor tells you whether your door is secure. This saves you from a return trip home when you are uncertain if you’ve left your front door open or not. If not, then Smart Alerts let you know of any changes whether the door is ajar or unlocked.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with a dedicated mobile app that lets you know the goings-on of your front door and also grants you remote access to your home. It lets you remotely open the door for friends and family and lock after them when they leave. You can also send them secure keys through the app. The app also provides an activity feed that lets you see the exact time when guests enter and leave your home.

The device is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant for voice commands. The app uses both Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption and TLS for added protection. Likewise, it offers phone number or email verification and quick app disabling for lost phones.

Installation of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy. It’s compatible with most cylinder deadbolts and takes less than 10 minutes to attach it on the inside of your door.

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Images courtesy of August