The Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys takes home security to the next level. Its unique and high-tech features offer you “unrivaled security and freedom.” The keys work just like any conventional keys but with the addition of NFC smart features. They are customizable and impossible to duplicate so you don’t have to worry when you lose it. They can also easily reactivate it once found and deactivate with just a click from its companion smartphone app.

Since it is a smart key, this means you don’t have to waste your time at the locksmith if you need a spare. Your smartphone doubles as the spare key that allows you to open your door via Bluetooth connection. The app even allows you to send invites to friends or families to lock and unlock your door whenever you are away. It also lets you view the timeline of events of your door closing and opening by different users. This way you know when someone accessed your house.

The keys work with the Netatmo Smart Door Lock which is designed to take a beating. It can withstand electronic and physical attacks and features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2. Data collected by the lock using your smartphone are stored locally and not in the Cloud. Moreover, it adapts to all doors already fitted with a Euro cylinder lock as long as the door thickness does not go beyond 10 cm.

It is also compatible with the Apple HomeKit and doors that have mono-point and multi-point locks.,The Netatmo Smart Door Lock uses AAA batteries and it warns you through a different lock/unlock signal on your phone whenever the battery is low.

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Images courtesy of Netatmo