For geeks like us, seeing the Tesla Cybertruck was a jaw-dropping experience. It’s not often that you can turn something that seems straight from science fiction into a commercial product. While deliveries of the all-electric pickup are still a year away, we want to see something compete against its appeal. To our surprise, one such vehicle might be the most insane to grab our attention. Meet the ARMORTRUCK concept from the mind of Milen Ivanov. Trust us, this is something we would buy in a heartbeat if we can.

The designer already boasts an impressive resume for his work with companies such as Rimac, Dreamworks, and Vilner among others. With proficiency when it comes to exploring designs that tread the fine line between reality and fantasy, we can expect to see a lot of unique stuff. The ARMORTRUCK is likely the mode of transportation that anyone would pick in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

As the name implies, it flaunts visibly thick armor plating that would brush off almost any type of attack. After featuring real-life automobiles with military-grade protection, we believe that this concept has all the basics down. All critical sections appear to be properly shielded and should likely even survive blasts from explosives.

Renders of the ARMORTRUCK also show thick ballistic resistant glass for optimum visibility without sacrificing safety. The gullwing doors are a nice touch and should make entry and exit convenient. Meanwhile, the interior shows seating for up to four people with what appears to be luxurious upholstery and materials. We just hope that a security service company draws inspiration from this awesome futuristic concept.

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Images courtesy of Milen Ivanov