It’s been a while since we featured an awesome right from Brabus. For our readers who have been staying up to date, you know that this company makes remarkable rides even more awesome. The automobiles that receive the full makeover become luxurious tanks that nobody wants to mess with. You heard it right because this German shop caters to VIPs and folk who desire top-notch protection. The latest machine to get the deluxe treatment is a Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV — the INVICTO MISSION.

Similar to its previous offerings from Brabus, this new addition to its lineup of armoured vehicles looks ready for anything. In fact, the product page reveals that it will suit the needs of special target groups. We are seeing an interior with tactical add-ons such as ergonomic seats with variable foam geometry to accommodate passengers wearing protective vests.

Meanwhile, the door panels and seat back sport a MOLLE system to hold various gear and equipment. Then there’s the roof rail system, digital rear display mirror, and an intercom system among others. Those ordering the INVICTO MISSION can even customize it with other options. Some of the examples include auxiliary roof lights, an IR package/night vision device, and more.

Unlike regular armored vehicles, this Mercedes-Benz G63 uses the INVICTO Shelter Cell system. This armor plating is not welded but bolted onto the body via proprietary technology for zero gaps. Brabus is likewise relying on cutting-edge 3D-printing processes to enforce other areas of the structure. The INVICTO MISSION is the perfect escort vehicle for security personnel to ride in comfort and luxury.

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Images courtesy of Brabus