The Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet is your go-to carrier if you plan to bring your travel documents and money in one compact storage. It has ample room for just about anything even a bunch of keys, coins, small tech items and more.

This non-metallic piece offers a simple yet practical storage solution for your everyday carry needs. This can replace your traditional bifold wallet and guarantees the protection of your EDC goods. It can hold cash, up to 12 cards, passport, folded bills, receipts and more.

Unlike traditional bi-fold wallets, this product does not have dedicated slots for your cards, cash, and more. Instead, it offers a single pocket for easy and quick access much like how envelopes work. The Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet does not flip open and close. Instead, it uses a laminated nylon soft loop to keep everything in place so they do not accidentally fall off. The strap also functions as a pen holder and locks in place using a military-grade Pull the Dot snap.

Designed to be pocket-friendly, this travel wallet uses ultra-durable Kydex thermo-plastic which you usually find in tactical tools such as aircraft bulkheads, knife sheaths, and gun holsters. This material ensures the wallet is waterproof and does not stretch or shrink with prolonged use. It is also portable and lightweight at just 3.3 ounces and measures 5.75″ L x 3.75″ W with a slim body at just 0.5″ in diameter.

The Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet comes in solid colors of brown, black, gray, orange and more. It is also available in colorful color combinations.

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Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet Armatus Carry Vita Travel Wallet

Images courtesy of Armatus Carry