Later this week marks the opening day of one of the world’s biggest automotive conventions. Having rebranded from the Tokyo Motor Show to the Japan Mobility Show, close to 500 companies will be exhibiting their latest concepts and technologies. The 2023 installment is already shaping up to be an exciting one with the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics like Suzuki’s MOQBA.

Earlier Yamaha hyped us up with an all-electric slingshot dubbed the Tricera and a hydrogen-powered version of its popular UTV. Aside from vehicles, Suzuki likewise manufactures motorcycles. Nonetheless, the MOQBA concept is unlike anything it has teased before.

Initially, we thought it was just another render from another talented graphic artist, but this bad boy here is apparently official. This futuristic personal mobility platform borrows some moto elements from the brand’s fleet. It looks like a standard bike frame sans the forks and swingarm.

Instead, there are four motorized legs with wheels at the end. Its unique configuration hints at exceptional traversal versatility as it can even climb up stairs. If this ever becomes commercially available, it can potentially revolutionize urban transportation.

MOQBA is short for Modular Quad Based Architecture, notes the official press release. Suzuki also detailed that it is intended for “those who face barriers in transportation such as steps, even in a region with developed public transportation.” In some renders, we can see the standard components swapped out to adapt to a multitude of tasks.

It can be used for deliveries, garbage disposal, emergency services, groceries, and more. Japan’s obsession with piloting robots is finally turning into reality albeit currently on a smaller scale. The MOQBA and those like it might become the most ubiquitous types of personal mobility systems in the future. Suzuki should have a working prototype on display on the show floor.

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Images courtesy of Suzuki