Aside from some of the coolest vehicles that we regularly feature on our pages, we love to showcase other types of transportation. Studies show there is a remarkable drop in pollution amid the current health crisis. With governments lifting restrictions experts already are already predicting issues with commuting via public means. As such, alternative personal mobility solutions such as the Cowboy 3 might be something to consider.

What appears to be just a regular bicycle, is actually a fully functional electric model. We always found e-bikes as a perfect zero-emission platform for a lot of reasons. Those hoping to stay fit and get to where they’re going can always use the pedals like a conventional two-wheeler. On the other hand, users can let the motor do all the work and ride off with ease all the way.

Unlike other similar machines, the Cowboy 3 retains the conventional bicycle look thanks to some clever engineering. What usually it away are the visible electric motors and huge battery packs that stand out like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, the manufacturer did a great job of seamlessly integrating its power source into the frame. Owners can get up to 44 miles on a full charge which just takes 3.5 hours to fill up.

Weighing in at just roughly 37.25 lbs. it should be easy to move around for storage or parking. You can even connect the e-bike wirelessly via Bluetooth to interface directly from your smartphone (via the companion app). Moreover, this allows the onboard crash detection system to notify your emergency contacts if you ever get into an accident. Finally, the Cowboy 3 also comes with LED headlight and a flashing brake light for low-light visibility.

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Images courtesy of Cowboy