When you’re after a reliable two-wheeler with a rugged design and capable performance, look no further because SUPER73 has you covered. Being huge proponents of murdered-out colorways, their latest Blackout Collection encompasses all three ranges which provide interested buyers with more options. As such, we want to share details about the flagship offering of the bunch – the SUPER73-R Blackout SE.

To make special edition versions even more desirable, we have upgrades and configurations exclusive to these iterations. Although both the SUPER73-Z Blackout SE and SUPER73-S Blackout SE are adequately equipped for both urban and trail exploration, the SUPER73-R Blackout SE delivers the best bang for the buck among the trio.

Starting with the frameset, it’s fabricated out of aluminum and weighs only 90 lbs. The dimensions listed put it at 71” x 28.5” x 42” with a seat height of 32” and a rider weight limit set at 325 lbs. To keep every ride as smooth as possible, it flaunts a full suspension kit with an adjustable FOX Float 3 EVOL unit for the rear.

LED lighting on both ends ensures safety in low-light conditions and improves visibility for you and other motorists. A horn is also available to help establish your presence when needed. Each of the SUPER73-R Blackout SE’s spoked rims is shod in knobby GRZLY tires and Magura four-piston brakes.

The 750W electric motor is supplied by a removable 960 Whr (48V 20 Ah) battery. According to the spec sheet, its Class 1 and 2 operation allows it to hit a little over 20 mph. However, toggled for off-road action, the Class 3 rating maxes out beyond 28 mph.

Depending on how hard you push the SUPER73-R Blackout SE, it can reach anywhere between 40 to 75 miles on a single charge. Equipped with an 8-speed cassette, your stealthy steed is ready for anything. Between its Blain handlebars is a smart display for all essential telemetry.

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Images courtesy of SUPER73