Are you finally aboard the sustainability train? If so, what measures have you taken to minimize your environmental impact? Perhaps the most ubiquitous right now is the switch to zero-emission mobility solutions. Apart from EVs and e-bikes, electric scooters are another popular platform to get around. Hence, a team of designers came up with the OMNI concept.

Before you go any further, just take note its unique selling point is the integration of NFTs. Those who want nothing to do with the blockchain should check out something else, but the rest who are open to whatever is new in the technology scene might want to learn more about this two-wheeler. This electric scooter is reportedly targeting the Generation Z demographic.

Haesung Cho, Junguk Cha, and Yejin Lee are purportedly working closely with BMW Designworks with the help of RTKFT. The latter specializes in all things phygital-related, which supplies the demand by people into NFTs and the metaverse. The OMNI electric scooter figures into all this with its fully customizable skin.

Specific details about the technology were not available as of this writing. However, it’s safe to say flexible displays will be in use to generate the images. Riders can tweak the appearance in real-time via the dashboard of their OMNI. In addition to the body, other parts of the electric scooter feature color-changing lighting to enhance the aesthetics.

Given it is always connected to the internet – most likely via mobile data on your smartphone – owners can interact with others to share their distinct personalization profiles. In short, OMNI users can show off their style and change it on the fly whenever they feel like it. The way we see it, some of the skins could potentially be marketed as NFTs down the line.

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Images courtesy of Haesung Cho/Junguk Cha/Yejin Lee