The DMC DeLorean owes its cult status among automotive enthusiasts to a blockbuster science fiction movie trilogy. The franchise was also responsible for Nike’s MAG – a limited-edition self-lacing shoe based on the second film installment. Fast-forward to 2023 and the sports car still inspires designers like Jeremy Dodd to come up with concepts like this DeLorean All Roader.

While his creative take on the DMC-12 is indeed visually awesome, it’s unfortunately never heading to production. These are just beautiful renders of what a modern version of the two-seater would look like if it were engineered for off-road use. Straight out of the gates, we have a geometric exterior closely resembling Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Its aggressive aero kit, coupled with sharp edges, imparts a menacing stance. We can also see the cross-shaped rims shod in chunky BFGoodrich tires to give it superior traction. Strangely enough, despite being dubbed as the DeLorean All Roader, its ground clearance seems too low for comfort. It’s safe to say this 4×4 should stick to trails without dramatic shifts in terrain.

Dirt and gravel won’t pose a problem here, but larger rocks and potholes might. To the back are cargo rails ideal for your gear and other items that won’t fit in the cockpit. Meanwhile, the rear windshield slopes down just enough to accommodate a spare wheel and tire. Two separate compartments for luggage and more are located on each side of the hood.

According to Dodd, his vision for the DeLorean All Roader includes the iconic gullwing doors. Additionally, it will pack an emission-free powertrain which is exactly what the future of motoring entails. Nevertheless, there are two other electrified versions supposedly in development and due to commercial production.

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Images courtesy of Jeremy Dodd/Behance