Sustainable motoring is pretty much here to stay. This means we can expect to see battery-electric mobility platforms gradually outnumber internal combustion options in the coming years. Furthermore, this shift away from fossil fuels encourages people to come up with cool and innovative concepts for the future of personal transportation. For example, Surge presents the S32 PV.

The unique selling point of this eco-friendly machine is the capability to transform from a rickshaw into a scooter. As you can probably see, it’s ideal for scenarios wherein owners need to haul cargo that a two-wheel commuter cannot. Surge’s approach is to build something that offers this type of versatility on demand.

As the manufacturer describes it, the S32 PV is the “world’s first segment adapting vehicle.” They also took into account the conversion process which only takes about three minutes. Looks can be deceiving as it’s engineered to travel on both paved roads and rugged terrain.

Surge calls it the AMSEP platform and it features a heavy-duty ladder frame with an all-metal body. The robust chassis allows the S32 PV to handle heavier items. What we have next are the dual battery-electric powertrains and automatic switching depending on its current configuration.

In scooter mode, a 3.87 kWh battery and 6 kW electric motor helps it hit up to 37 mph. Meanwhile, the rickshaw setup benefits from a 9.68 kWh battery and 8 kW electric motor for a modest top speed of 28 mph. Surge did not indicate if the S32 PV will have other trim packages, but the current specifications appear adequate for what it’s designed to do.

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Images courtesy of Surge