Retro gaming just continues to grow as more tech companies start to realize the potential market for niche devices. Most of these products are designed to run indie games like the Playdate, which even features a small hand crank. Then there’s more premium and artistic stuff from Love Hultén, which look like instant collector’s pieces. Most of these handheld gadgets usually emulate a beloved classic – the Nintendo Game Boy. With that in mind, the Analogue Pocket seems like the most versatile of the bunch.

When we say that it is the most flexible portable gaming device, we were not exaggerating. According to the product page, it is compatible with huge library of games. It will run cartridges for the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance. Moreover, it will likewise support Game Gear cartridges via an adapter.

The Analogue Pocket is more than just a gadget for playing games. It is also capable of becoming a portable workstation for users to create music. This function is available through the Nanoloop program for the device. Going back to what it does best, this awesome gaming gadget comes with the Analogue Dock. This accessory allows you to output your games to your HDTV. Now all that’s needed is a pair of Bluetooth controllers preferably from 8BitDo or wired connection via USB.

If you’re interested after reading about all the cool stuff it can do. The Analogue Pocket will start shipping in 2020 for $199. Word is that it will be on offer in limited numbers only, which means you have to act fast.

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Images courtesy of Analogue