Right now, portable gaming is available on a bunch of devices. You have smartphones, tablets, the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS. While the Sony PlayStation Vita is making its exit, another one is rising up to take its place. The Panic Playdate is one interesting gadget that strangely looks like the first-generation Nintendo Game Boy. However, look closely and you’ll notice that it comes with a built-in hand crank on one side.

Some of you might recognize the brand as the publisher of a few indie games. Their collaboration with Campo Santo gave us Firewatch, which won various awards for different categories. Now, it is working with House House on Untilted Goose Game, an upcoming puzzle game for Windows, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch.

The bright yellow color of the Playdate immediately draws your attention. It bears a resemblance to the third-generation Apple iPod Nano but is slightly bigger. It sports 2.7-inch monochromatic screen, a d-pad, two face buttons, and the hand crank that slots into the side. We also noticed a single front-firing speaker on the right side of its display.

Other notable features include a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C port, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a custom operating system. As for the software, the Panic Playdate will be relying on a subscription service, which they’re calling a season of games. The only one on preview is Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, which lets you control the flow of time using the hand crank. Keita Takahashi, the creator of the super-popular Katamari Damacy, is helming the development. We can’t wait to see how future games will integrate this quirky control system into their games.

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Images courtesy of Panic