A while back, we chanced upon a cool-looking retrofuturistic vehicle from Alpha Motor Corporation – the ACE. It has been some time, but we’re hyped to hear about its new project. The SUPERWOLF is the electric pickup truck to watch out for.

Similar to the ACE, the California-based EV company backs off from an overly futuristic design. Unlike the Tesla Cybertruck, which goes all-out with sharp angles on almost every surface, the SUPERWOLF is more refined.

Moreover, it appears to be on the modular side as well which is a big plus in our opinion. It arrives in a crew cab configuration courtesy of its long wheelbase. No 2+2 seating arrangements here as Alpha Motor Corporation optimizes everything for comfort and utility.

Specification available on the website list the sustainable truck at 214 x 79 x 69 inches (length x width x height). As for the bed, owners have 65 x 59 x 18 inches (length x width x height) to work with for hauling cargo. Additional spaces are available under the hood and on the roof rack for your luggage.

The truck uses two electric motors for its all-wheel-drive system. Alpha Motor Corporation says the SUPERWOLF can go from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Meanwhile, towing capacity maxes out at 6,724 lbs. Next, depending on your driving, a full charge of its batteries should get you anywhere between 275 to 300 miles.

So far, the renders show the many ways clients swap or add different parts to customize their rides. Moreover, the minimalist theme of the interior is a great match to its classic vibe. The SUPERWOLF is a zero-emission workhorse to watch out for.

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Images courtesy of Alpha Motor Corporation