Over the years, it has been a hit-or-miss affair for a certain Italian carmaker. Nevertheless, fans of the marque continue to support whatever rolls out of the factory. This is what we mean about loyalty, but sometimes it has to stop in order to have the brand learn from their mistakes. On the other showcasing restomod like the Alfaholics GTA-R right here should also be effective. In fact, sources tell us that a few automotive aficionados would rather choose it than more modern Alfa Romeos out there.

It’s easy to understand why once you see this vintage beauty up close. The Alfaholics GTA-R starts off with an old-school 105 series coupe. The level of detail that goes into the restoration of this machine is impressive. From start to finish, approximately 3,000 hours of work go into each example. Experts will be handcrafting everything from premium materials and components only. In short, owners are getting only the best.

Customization options available include, the GTA-R, a Spider-R convertible, or a Ti-R saloon. It’s you’re ride so you get to dictate how you want to have it. Alfaholics wants its client’s input every step of the way. The engine, upholstery, dashboard, suspension, lighting, seats, and more are fair game. Thus, you’re looking at a bespoke service unlike any other in the market.

If a buyer fancies more modern upgrades, Alfaholics will gladly oblige. The shop mentions, sequential electronic fuel injection, titanium wishbones, carbon fiber body panels, and even air-conditioning. The GTA-R and its other configurations will surely be awesome acquisitions for collectors and motoring enthusiasts.

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Images courtesy of Alfaholics