Classic Ford Broncos’ latest handiwork is this gorgeous Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco, which proves classic can’t be beat. The shop has added this new ride to its already exemplary stable. The car’s got Henry Ford’s preferred color, complete with a scandalous scarlet-blood red lettering on the front grille.

Go inside and you’ll see an interior as gorgeous as the exterior. Plenty of black-on-black leather with weaved inserts. In other words, it looks and feels pretty expensive. The real spotlight should shine under the hood, of course. There, you’ll find a Ford Racing five-liter Coyote V8 engine with 435 ponies under its belt. Bolted to a four-speed automatic transmission, no less. You also get modern Wilwood disc brakes at all four corners, plus new steering and suspension. Also here, a 2.5-inch lift that makes this Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco run and drive like new.

Nicknamed Vail, this classic ride sports an aesthetic reminiscent of prom, if you can believe that. The ride boasts Tuxedo Black over Black Basketweave leather Coyote restoration, which screams vintage posh. Henry Ford once famously said you can have any color you want, as long as you want black. That’s bonkers, of course — we’ve come across plenty of sweet rides that aren’t black.

Still, the Midnight Onyx 1968 Ford Bronco looks so impeccably styled that we may have to agree with the chief automaker just this once. From its campy black over black basket weave leather interior to the Midnight Onyx paint, you’ll find it hard to deny its sheer beauty.


Photos courtesy of Classic Ford Bronco