The sad fact remains that a lot of people still find the concept of recycling foreign. A large number of countries struggle to control the growing amount of waste that ends up in landfills. That’s why it’s great to see some companies take the initiative to create products that source recyclable materials. We recently featured a Bluetooth speaker with a shell made out of plastic bags. There’s also a high-end wristwatch that reuses PET for its strap. The possibilities are practically endless and that’s why the Adidas Futurecraft Loop is another brilliant step in the right direction.

Our biggest challenge is coming up with new ways to repurpose non-biodegradable trash. Normally, these are either buried, burned, or just end in landfills or the bodies of water. The German sportswear company is introducing its first footwear that uses fully-recyclable materials in its construction. Moreover, the Futurcraft Loop is a running shoe, which will all know will eventually wear out from all the abuse. Hence, its an impressive solution to reduce waste every component of the shoe can be reused.

According to Adidas, all of the different parts of the shoe are made of TPU. Each component just undergoes a unique manufacturing method to make it rigid or flexible. Moreover, it’s surprising to discover the Adidas Futurecraft Loop does not use any type of glue. Instead, it undergoes a special heating process that bonds everything together. For its initial rollout, the company is planning to produce 200 examples only. All of the prototypes will be handed out to runners to get feedback regarding its performance. We might see it eventually hit retailers sometime in 2021.

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Images courtesy of Adidas