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MITI – The Swedish Log Stovetop

Sometimes, the simplest inventions are also the most effective. Take for example MITI – The Swedish Log Stovetop ($52.00), a tough 1/8″ thick metal disk that turns a log into the…

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Best 18 Tactical Shirts for Men

If you're looking for a shirt that can hold everything from water bottles and machetes to matches and bullets, then one of these tactical shirts should be high on your list of priorities


Power Talkie

The Power Talkie lets you send, receive SMS, and make calls sans a network. It bridges communication between phones connected to the device via Bluetooth.


FirePRUF Fireproof Safe Bag

The FirePRUF Fireproof Safe Bag can withstand 1200F of heat for 60 minutes. It uses fiberglass core coated with high-grade silicone and Kevlar thread.


Best 10 Windbreaker Jackets for Men

On the side of a mountain or just braving the city commute in winter, find your perfect mens windproof jacket from our list. We've reviewed the top 10 available on the market.


A 69 Charger with A 707-HP Hellcat Engine

The Bumbera Performance team decided to take on an unimaginable task when agreeing to transform a client’s 69 Dodge Charger by adding a 707Hp 2015 Dodge Hellcat electronic system and drivetrain into the mix.


TOPS Knives Little Bugger

Designed by badass Matt Graham who is an endurance athlete, martial artist and specialist in “primitive skills” (you probably know him from reality show Dual Survival), TOPS Knives’ Little Bugger…


Safehaven Marine XSV 17 ‘Thunder Child’

Boasting an innovative self-righting design, the Safehaven Marine XSV 17 ‘Thunder Child’ is not only capable of recovering its position after capsize (overturning on the water), the impressive boat can…

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