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BMW R nineT Moksha

So what do an English custom motorcycle shop, a Dutch watchmaker, and a leading European automotive brand have in common? Well, technically quite little to none, but the correct answer, for now, is the Moksha. The Moksha bike started out as a BMW R nineT that was taken apart and retrofitted with alternative aluminum bodywork.


BMW R nineT Hera Project

We’ve seen the German BMW R nineT being transformed into truly impressive machines in the past, and this time is no different. Designed by Italy’s South Garage Moto Co., the Hera Project is…


AdHoc BMW R NineT

As the after-market custom motorcycle business has boomed, more and more manufacturers have begun offering extensive options to new bikes. David González of Barcelona, Spain’s AdHoc Cafe Racers has a…


JvB-Moto BMW R NineT Scrambler

BMW Motorrad joined forces with the design genius of Jens vom Brauck, founder of the Cologne-based JvB-Moto, to create a unique R NineT Scrambler – a ride that looks even…

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