Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 came out, each time a new futuristic EV concept is revealed, people immediately associate it with the game. Those who played it know there are also cool bikes that you can obtain during your playthrough. The Cloud 9 from CNCPT Moto sports a sleek and sexy silhouette that would be at home in Night City.

This awesome machine is the work of two Dutch custom builders that was started a couple of years ago. We have Timothy Somers of Powerbrick and Arjan van de Boom of Ironwood Motorcycles fame. Due to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, there were delays.

Nevertheless, the duo carried on complete this mechanical masterpiece. Before it became the Cloud 9, the team started out with a donor – a BMW Motorrad R nineT. As we pointed out before, you’ll see a lot of aftermarket projects opt for this model. The retro aesthetic is no longer here as CNCPT Moto endows it with a bespoke body kit.

They both call it “neo futuristic” which is appropriate given the avant-garde visuals. They reveal that despite the monocoque look, the ASA thermoplastic shell is actually a two-part assembly. For a perfect fit to the existing mounting points of the R nineT frame, the Cloud 9 comes with a new aluminum fuel tank.

The front holds powerful LED headlights behind 3D-printed lenses. CNCPT Moto also receives some help from other specialists. Silvermachine provides the Alcantara upholstery of its saddle pads, and Royal Kustom Works for the bike’s striking silver coat.

Matris Hydraulic cartridge internals and CeraCarbon tubes make up the fork upgrades. Meanwhile, the single-sided swingarm features a TFX monoshock. The Cloud 9 flaunts a pair of 17” Rotobox carbon rims with Pirelli Diablo Superbike rubber.

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Images courtesy of CNCPT Moto