A prevailing theme among aftermarket motorcycle customization enthusiasts is retro design. Given people’s inclination toward things that evoke nostalgia, aesthetics that lean toward that often attract the most interest. ARES Modena happens to have a new two-wheeler that would appeal to this crowd. The Bullet is a sleek café racer that lives up to its namesake.

It’s clear that if you look at it from the side, the outline of the front fairing and fuel tank resembles the projectile. ARES Modena begins this build with a BMW R NineT, which is already a great bike. According to the shop, a brand new and modern donor bike is the best platform to turn into a café racer.

Despite the classic silhouette, the Bullet touts contemporary turn-key reliability and safety systems. They want to avoid situations wherein older components fail and can put the rider in harm’s way. Moreover, nobody wants the inconvenience of a break down in the middle of a trip.

What you see on this BMW R NineT are all in-house fabrication pieces. Moreover, these add-ons are carbon fiber to keep weight to a minimum. The Bullet also receives several upgrades that will improve its handling and performance. After all, ARES Modena is not in the business of good looks alone.

The BMW R NineT now sits on Kineo wheels, new Brembo brake systems, a custom single-side swingarm Matris monoshock suspension, and more bespoke parts. Meanwhile, the powertrain likewise welcomes a new underslung exhaust system, pod filters, and drops the airbox. The Bullet is a stylish option when you want a moto that just screams exclusive in all aspects. 

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Images courtesy of ARES Modena