There is nothing better than a sizzling smell of freshly grilled food. And if you love to cook outside, then you need to get the perfect outdoor grill. The fantastic thing about getting a grill is that you can use it in your backyard. Likewise, it can grill tasty and fresh dishes no matter what time it is.

With various types of outdoor grills available in the market, it can be confusing to choose a specific type. So, to help you understand better, we have listed the most five most common types of grills that you can get for outdoor cooking. This guide will help can select which is the most suitable for you and your family.

Charcoal-Gas Hybrid Grills

This type of grill is an ideal choice for outdoor cooking as it gives food a robust taste that you get from a charcoal grill and is easy to use much like a gas variant. This hybrid is the perfect duet which allows you to enjoy the best smoky flavor, a quick heat-up, and cooking consistency.

This can even let you cook with both methods simultaneously. You can quickly cook burgers or steaks on the charcoal side, and you can simultaneously control the temperature for vegetables and fish on the gas side. So, if you love to cut cooking time in half and savor the authentic grilled goodness, then it is the right choice for you.

Gas Grills

These are the most popular and commercialized type of backyard grills. These gas grills normally use natural gas or propane gas, which offer remarkable convenience and speed that is preferred by many people nowadays.

One of the advantages of gas grills is that they heat up very quickly, which allows you to cook effortlessly. Gas grills are perfect for cooking any kind of meat, fish, vegetable, or poultry, making it ideal for a family to get together for any occasion.

So, if you love to prepare meals and eat them quickly, then it is the best choice for you. You can also easily regulate the heat by using the temperature control knobs. Plus, it’s very easy to clean, which makes it even more convenient to use.

Charcoal Grills

These are the most recognizable and classic type there is. The cooking method is tough to beat as it imparts an authentic flavor to the ingredients that are cooked using charcoal.

However, it takes a little time to get heat up. Moreover, maybe your hands will also get dirty from the charcoal used to cook your dishes. Ultimately, it is ideal for more seasoned grillers.

To get started, you will need good store-bought charcoal, a lighter fluid, and a light source to provide a smoky flavor. It may be difficult to clean compared to other types.

If you want to enjoy a sizzling, smoky, and authentic taste of grilled food, then it is the perfect platform for you. Just be aware of the longer time it takes to cook the food.

Electric Grills

Nowadays, there are many amazing outdoor electric grills available in the market, which can quickly cook meat and vegetables perfectly. These are ideal for those who live in an area where gas or charcoal grills are not allowed due to fire codes. Along with this, it is very easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance.

It does not take time to heat up because you just need to plug it in a power source and it’s ready to use. Usually, these are more affordable, and you can also use them inside the house, but the main problem is that may not experience the distinct taste and flavor you will get from charcoal grills.

So, if you want to make it hassle-free to grill food wherever and whenever you want, then you can go for an electric model instead.

Portable Grills

These are the cute mini grills which allow you to take them anywhere you want, whether it’s camping or parties. They have a very compact design and are also the most popular option for those who love to travel.

There are different types of portable grills depending upon the fuel used like propane and charcoal. The former uses propane gas cans while the latter uses the material of its namesake to cook food.


So in this article, we covered five different types of grills that you can choose for outdoor cooking. All of these are suitable for cooking outdoors. Furthermore, it gives ingredients a fresh sizzling aroma as well as an amazing taste. Whichever of these five options suit you the most, just choose and enjoy cooking and eating.