The unpredictability of what transpires once we start driving is something we can’t always anticipate. Nonetheless, even though we can’t stop all unfortunate incidents, we can take steps to be ready should an emergency occur. While we wish never to encounter dire or pressing circumstances, there are measures we can take to brace for such situations. Below are five crucial items that should always be in your car for preparedness.

Phone Charger

Everyone should have a phone charger handy when discussing items requiring car charging. It might be beneficial to have two chargers available, as there may be instances when one is taken out and forgotten. However, beginning with one is manageable.

Having a charged cell phone is crucial, especially during emergencies or if lost. Accessing Google Maps on an unknown route can be quite useful. In case of a speeding offense and you need to call a traffic ticket attorney, a fully charged phone could be a lifesaver. Additionally, investing in an external power bank is a sound idea. These devices can eliminate the stress of finding a charging station while on the move.

Game On

It would be smart to always have some non-music entertainment options in your vehicle, just in case you find yourself on an unexpected journey to the beach, park, or similar places. Consider stashing a pack of cards in the glove compartment and a football in the boot. Among all the sports equipment, a football is the most practical to have on hand.

You can toss it around without needing gloves, start a full-scale 11-on-11 game in any open field, and the moment you start throwing that football, everyone will want to join in. It’s also a good idea to keep a small handheld air pump in the back, just in case.

First Aid Kit

There’s hardly anything as mortifying as experiencing a flat tyre, particularly on a date with your significant other. To avoid such awkward scenarios, know how to replace a tyre. Ensure your car has a tyre jack and a spare tyre in the trunk. A practical alternative is to always have a tire repair kit handy in your vehicle.  

Jumper Cables

Perhaps your battery, equipped with Durablast Technology, will never fail, but it can be used to jump-start another person’s vehicle. This act is akin to taking a bullet for someone in the automotive world; they’ll forever remember your help. Investing in a portable AC/DC power system could be wise if it’s within your means. This way, you won’t rely on strangers’ goodwill for jumper cables when you require assistance.


One tool stands out as the most crucial. It’s a tool that every motorist should consider having in their car – the LifeHammer. This tool, priced less than what an average person might spend at a bar on a typical Saturday, could make the difference between life and death in an accident.

The LifeHammer is designed to effortlessly shatter car windows if the doors can’t be opened after a crash. Additionally, it features a seatbelt cutter for situations where the seatbelt is jammed and can’t be unfastened correctly. 

This feature is particularly useful for those with Submechanophobia, or the fear of being submerged in a car under water. The LifeHammer also includes a convenient mount, ensuring it’s within easy reach even when space is limited and time is of the essence.


Having these five items in your car is essential for any man who wants to feel comfortable and secure on the road. Keeping a flashlight, spare tire, first aid kit, winter emergency kit, and toolbox handy could possibly save your life one day.