It’s no secret that driving is one of the most liberating experiences for individuals. With the ability to jump in your car and travel wherever you want comes the ability to tailor your day. Advancements in tech and the development of innovative car accessories are bringing a whole new level of functionality to driving endeavors – but not all are designed equally.

When you want to keep your hands free without losing access to your mobile phone, a car phone mount can be a fantastic solution. But what if we told you you could further enhance your driving experience with a foldable, metal magnetic solution that not only looks stylish but simply performs? We’re sure you’d want to know more!

Stunning car phone accessories with perfect execution

While there are many car phone accessories on the market right now, not all are created the same, and one isn’t likely to perform as well as another. This means that making the right selection to promote convenience and improve driving safety can be imperative. You’ll want to look for a phone mount that is adjustable, durable, and good-looking, while being able to adhere to any surface.

APPS2Car is a leading designer and manufacturer of in-car infotainment products, with a focus on innovation, ergonomics, and a sensitive approach to real-life needs. The foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount has been designed to not only look fantastic on your dashboard, but it’s made with heavy-duty aluminum for a secure hold and maximum resistance from knocks, scrapes, and even damage from prolonged sunlight exposure.

Features and advantages of a foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount

Don’t just take our word for it that the foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount from APPS2Car outshines the competition; the features and advantages speak for themselves. When buying this MagSafe cell phone holder for dashboards today, you can expect:

Unrivaled magnetism

This car phone mount utilizes no less than 17 permanent magnets that have been designed to perfectly align with the unique iPhone MagSafe system, but it also comes with additional rings for functionality on all mobile phones. APPS2Car has obtained 139 global patents to fit with a host of devices, including the Series 15, 14, 13, 12 (and lower) Apple models, to keep them stable and secure throughout a myriad of road conditions. The positioning combined with the solid metal body of the device means that users won’t experience a reduction in signal quality, and won’t have to worry about any damage to their phone’s battery.

Ultra strong adhesion

This car cell phone holder features ultra-strong VHB tape, which can adhere to any hard and flat surfaces, such as the dashboard, window, mirror, and similar, for ideal placement. This is residue-free, so the mount can be removed and reset without damage to your car’s interior.

A simple yet effective design

Not only is this phone holder magnetic, but users will be able to simply snap their favorite device into the car mount and access it safely with hands-free or one-handed functionality. It has an adjustable extension arm connected to a 360° rotatable base and is fully foldable, so that will never get in the way.

A secure and ethical approach to manufacturing

The foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount from APPS2Car undergoes a comprehensive inspection process to monitor product quality and has passed an array of certifications, including Amazon Climate Certification, FCC, CE, RoHS, and California 65. With 13 years in the business (the brand was established in 2011), not only has APPS2Car become a one-stop shop for amazing car mobile phone accessories around the globe, but they also develop products in sports travel, auto travel, and lifestyle scenarios. All products undergo an intensive testing phase that has 10 rounds including extreme condition testing, vibration testing, aging testing, and more. Products won’t be launched until all of these are completed (which will take around 15 to 20 testing days).

This brand also has a key focus on sustainability through energy-efficient manufacturing operations, including clean electricity, low-carbon product transportation for overseas shipping, and a commitment to using recyclable materials.

Why choose the foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount today?

APPS2Car promotes a reliable and playful driving experience at its core and innovates products based on customer feedback as opposed to market interest. This ensures high-quality products that meet real user needs. This is displayed in the fact that the foldable, metal, magnetic car phone mount features a no-block MagSafe ring that is designed to safely and securely meet the needs of all mobile phone users, including compatibility with pop grips and round ring holders for ultimate usability.

With an array of fantastic Black Friday deals on offer, there’s no reason to miss out on this stunning, fully functional car cell phone mount today.