It’s a secret that we are among the folks who can’t wait for the new Bronco to arrive in dealerships. After Ford unveiled its iconic platform in July, it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Now, Maxlider Brothers Customs are teasing us with the 2021 Midnite Edition. We love this recent trend of carmakers finally listening to consumers and somehow giving them what they want.

Hey, it worked for the folks calling for a mid-engine Corvette, which Chevy gladly obliged with the C8 Stingray in 2019. After years of hoping the Blue Oval would revisit an iconic SUV model, it finally is. However, like most aftermarket enthusiasts, Maxlider Brothers Customs are already giving people a glimpse of what they can do. Specifically, how they can take the 2021 Bronco and give it an aesthetic and performance overhaul.

With the help of Innov8 Design Lab, the team shows us how the presentation would look like in the style of the 1991 and 1992 Bronco Nite Edition. Both the SUV and the F-150 were available in this exclusive version. As already hinted by the name, the 2021 Midnite Edition sports a dark theme across the exterior and interior.

Aside from the stealthy looks, Maxlider Brothers Customs plans to add more upgrades. These include anti-collision plates, off-road fog lights, anti-collision bars, and roof racks. To give it a smoother ride over uneven surfaces, we can spy a BDS suspension system and a Fox lifting kit. This turns the 2021 Midnite Edition Ford Bronco into an overlanding machine. Both the four-door and two-door variants can get the 2021 Midnite Edition treatment.

Reseve a slot for this build – $500

Images courtesy of Maxlider Brothers Customs