We’re so thrilled to bring you another badass ride courtesy of the folks from Rezvani. This is so special because the company is completely redesigning its SUV platform into something way better. This is a company who knows that men are kids at heart who just want a ride that’s utterly ridiculous, but cool nonetheless. We’re talking about aesthetics that ooze pure machismo from any angle. Just look at the original Tank model that continues to impress us even until today. Now it’s ready to give is the 2020 Rezvani Tank and we are genuinely hyped about it.

So far, Rezvani is holding off on most of the spec sheet for this menacing machine. However, they’re willing to feed us exciting tidbits that will keep us on the edge of our seats. First of all, let’s recall that its predecessor was already touting an exceptional 500 horsepower from its 6.4-liter V8 engine. Buyers also have the option to upgrade it into a 6.2-liter Dodge Hellcat V8 for up to 707 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 2020 version of the Tank offers a similar service but tunes the output to an insane 1,000 horsepower.

Furthermore, were likewise looking at a new suspension system that they’re sourcing from Fox Racing. You probably already know that the outgoing model was a fully-armored beast that eats bullets for breakfast. We’re guessing that the 2020 Rezvani Tank will sport the same personal protection package. Moreover, it appears that the Military Edition will throw in a military-grade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection system. It seems that this new model is shaping up to be on a whole new league of its own.

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Images courtesy of Rezvani