Over the years, Amazon has been branching out to other segments aside from online retail. So far, its venture into consumer electronics and technology has been successful. With the majority of smart households relying on an Echo Device and Alexa, it’s shaping up to be a dominant platform. Although the publicity behind it is not as big as the company’s other ventures, the Zoox ride-sharing robot taxi might possibly become the next popular mobility solution.

In response to the problems brought about by traffic, most commuters are open to suggestions. Aside from alternative means of getting around such as zero-emission scooters, skateboards, and motorcycles, ride-sharing services remain a reliable option. As such, Amazon hopes to revolutionize the transportation landscape with a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Zoox will offer the same services like Uber, Lyft, and others, but do generally without human intervention. Advancements in machine learning and sensor technologies should allow passengers to enjoy a smooth and secure commute. In the event of a collision, its deploys innovative airbags that protect each rider separately Furthermore, the fact that it operates on an all-electric configuration makes it ideal in urban locations.

The robot taxi can accommodate up to four people that enter through slide-out doors on each flank. Since it does not require a driver, space has been optimized for top-notch ergonomics. There are wireless charging modules and cup holders on each of the two seats. A transparent section on the roof allows natural light to illuminate the interior. The Zoox boasts four-wheel steering, which helps it maneuver tight spaces. Testing is currently ongoing and availability might be sometime in 2022 or later.

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Images courtesy of Zoox