No matter what others say, we’ll never outgrow our fascination for stuff that light up. Even experts are not entirely sure why humans have this predisposition towards glowing objects. Over the years, technological advancements allow us to practically install LEDs on almost anything. Of course, it didn’t take long until these made their way to footwear. The ZOOOII are a pair of sleek sneakers with smart functionality that puts you in control.

We would just like to say that this is perhaps the most advanced light-up kicks that we’ve seen in a while. What sets the ZOOOII apart from every other of its kind out there is the overall comfort it promises the wearer. You have to admit that generic models and brands are not exactly crafted with ergonomics in mind.

The folks behind the ZOOOII have done their homework and have designed a pair of shoes that can adapt to your active lifestyle. That’s right, the lights are not only for show. You’re getting sneakers that have excellent cushioning to protect your feet. Furthermore, the sole and midsole not only effectively absorb impacts, but also provide great energy return.

These are also using water-resistant and breathable fabrics which keep them super comfortable at all times. Meanwhile, to keep nasty odors at bay, the material has anti-bacterial properties as well. Under the translucent outsole is an electroluminescent cord that produces a soft glow upon activation.

Users can manually activate the lighting via a button on the heel counter. Another way would be to use the companion app via Bluetooth. Up to 17 color options are available along with other parameters for unique adjustments. Finally, the ZOOOII uses a hassle-free magnetic charging system.

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Images courtesy of ZOOOII