Beyond the luxurious appeal, there’s arguably not much incentive toward buying fancy schmancy watches, unless of course you’re a rich scion who doesn’t look at price tags and just bags everything shiny.

It doesn’t help that smartwatches are increasingly becoming the default choice for people who want a watch that does more than tell time. The Apple Watch, in particular, is a popular option in this newfangled era of connectivity. So how can classic luxury options stand out?

That’s not something we can answer, of course. But just in case you’re still clinging to the sheer glamour of being able to own an expensive timepiece, the Zelos Horizons GMT Watch is worth the look.

The newest addition to the Zelos family, this GMT watch features a bronze case that will get even more beautiful overtime as it wears down. It’s also got an exhibition caseback that exposes the Swiss Made ETA 2893 Automatic Movement. To top it all off, you get a custom engraved rose gold plated rotor.

The dial is made from a million-year-old meteorite with hands and indices covered with luminous C3 strips. There’s a bright orange GMT hand with bezels markings, too, for maximum visibility when you’re in low-light environments. Protecting everything is a hard sapphire crystal case. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters, which is surprising. Not all watches this luxurious can withstand the sheer pressure of water. Expect this one to stand up to quite a bit of abuse. More info when you hit the link below.