martwatches like the Apple Watch have become increasingly popular, as they have become a part of people’s everyday life. Apple Watches changed how things were done. Long gone are the days where watches meant for time, weather, or temp. We recommend you keep it charged, as Apple Watch docks and even Apple Watch stands are readily available to help there.

These slick and cool wrist-based devices are amazing and can even update you on the news or reach your emails for you. Do they really need a stand though? People may think their Rolex deserves one, but an Apple Watch?

However, before you dismiss the idea completely, consider the fact that it’s incredibly easy to accidentally knock things off your bedside table. This is especially possible when it’s late at night and dark. Where are you more than likely going to keep your Apple Watch as it charges?

That’s right, likely the worst place possible that could result in it being damaged. Hence the need for an Apple Watch stand.

You may already be sold on the idea, but even if you’re not, welcome you to check out our buying guide below. In this guide, we’re going to look at the top 12 Apple Watch docks and stands around. There are some truly spectacular designs out there screaming ‘take me home’.

Before that, we need to address some of the questions commonly asked about Apple Watch stands and charging docks.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying Apple Watch Docks or Stands?

This is a very sensible question. Before you buy anything, it’s always important to know exactly what you should be looking for. Especially what to consider before handing over any money. When it comes to Apple Watch docks and stands, there’s a lot to choose from.

It’s clearly a great help knowing what’s important.

The main consideration you to need to make first is whether or not a dock is compatible with your watch. You’ll find that some are not designed to cope with the weight of the heavier bands or watches with bulkier screens.

We’ve tried to include docks and stands in our guide that are more or less compatible with most Apple Watch models and bands. A further consideration worth making is the actual look and type of the dock or stand. While some are nothing more than a post, others have a more stylish look.

The material is a big consideration too as this plays a part in how durable and robust a stand will be.

You also need to give thought to how easy it is to use any of these Apple watch docks, and if it requires any assembly. Especially if it requires an extensive amount. We don’t mind getting our hands involved in a little self-assembly from time to time, but we know that’s not really everyone’s thing.

There are some great stands and docks in our guide that require little to no assembly at all.

Most Apple Watch users tend to have an iPhone or iPad as well. If you’re one of those “Apple ’til I die” types, you should consider getting a dock that accommodates your smartwatch. You also want a smartphone from Apple, of course, most of you already have this or plan to.

What are the Benefits of Apple Watch Docks or Stands?

First off, they obviously provide a place for you to charge your smartwatch. However, there’s a number of different benefits you get from using them.

For one thing, they not only provide a place to charge your smartwatch, but they also provide a safe place. As we’ve already established, humans can often be clumsy buffoons. By having an established place to keep your Apple Watch, you can ensure it’s safe from your stupidity.

Particularly if you’re prone to a few beers on a Saturday night. We’re talking to you, Carl!

Convenience is another major benefit for Apple watch docks and stands. Just because it’s charging, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to still use it. Most docks and stands make it possible to do this, so you can always keep up with what’s going on.

Sometimes it’s just great to simply display the majesty and awesomeness that is your Apple Watch. It’s true, you’ve got a great timepiece that’s more than just another timepiece. This is better than just placing it in some random area in your bedroom.

Seriously, why not find a way to incorporate it into the decor of your home?

We don’t wish to point you in any direction. However, there are at least two stands in our guide that make the lines incredibly blurry between functional charging docks and exquisite pieces of furniture. We’re just saying…

What are the Main Brands of Apple Watch Docks and Stands?

As you’d imagine, everyone wants to get a piece of the pie that is Apple Watch docks and stands. There’s an amazing array of companies. Some of them you’ve probably heard of, yet there are others you surely need to know about. Of course, then there are those you’re probably best forgetting about.

In our guide, we’ve included a mixture of both larger brands like Griffin, Belkin, Twelve South, and Elago alongside other newer and up-and-coming brands like Nomad. We believe that the items we’ve picked out all have their merits and deserve a place on our list.

The exciting thing about making this list was that we discovered so many options that we wouldn’t have known about had we not done the legwork.

You may have used Twelve South products in the past and have never used Nomad stuff before. However, you may find that once you’ve finished reading this post, you’re sold on a completely different brand.

Now we’ve cleared all that up, it’s time to take a look at our top picks.

1) Twelve South HiRise Stand for Apple Watch

Brand Name
Twelve South
Model Number
Product Weight

The Twelve South HiRise Stand for Apple Watch is elegant and sophisticated. Twelve South has a firmly established reputation for designing and manufacturing accessories exclusively for Apple users.

The South Carolina-based company understands the needs Apple users have from their charging stations and docks. This is evident from the HiRise. It fulfills its primary function exceptionally well, but it’s more than a charging dock for Apple Watch.

They provide a robust metal and very stable base where you can charge your smartwatch and get full use out of it. The dock allows you to check the time, reply to messages, and check any alerts. The stand is angled and elevated into just the right position for you to look at and use your Apple Watch.

The underside is rubberized to ensure it doesn’t budge from its placement.

Regardless of which Apple Watch band you actually have, you’ll find that it has a safe place to rest on the HiRise. Setting it up has been made incredibly easy. Simply take the magnetic charging disc included with your smartwatch and press it into the cut-out in the HiRise lined with silicone.

It’s simple enough to press the attached cable into the grooves on the base before placing the cover over the base. Now just take the top band of your smartwatch and place it gently across the silicone pad. Then down behind the support post.

Both the buckle and band can rest tidily on a leather pad and your Apple Watch is protected perfectly.

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  • Slick and classy brushed metal design
  • Incredibly quick and easy to set up
  • Docks, charges and allows access to your watch
  • Tiny screw as part of assembly is frustrating


2) elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Series 4, 3, 2 and 1

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Have you been a faithful follower of Apple and their cutting-edge products since the early days? Perhaps you just like having lots of retro items in your home. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love the elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch series 1 through to 3.

The design is based on the classic Apple Macintosh 1984 desktop computer. Simply slot your smartwatch into the silicone insert of the stand, lining the screen of the device up with the screen of the stand. You can use it as it charges and to check messages and alerts.

It also presents you with the novelty of viewing your smartwatch screen as if it was on an old computer. It comes in less than $10, incredible!

This nostalgic W3 stand is a precisely made accessory. The elago stand has used high-quality silicone, chosen for its softness and flexibility. It ensures that both the surface you place the stand on and the Apple Watch itself is protected from damage.

The W3 is compatible with the Nightstand mode available in some selected Apple Watches. Compatible with all sizes and styles of Apple Watch, it can also work with both metal and plastic chargers too.

This means that that expensive smartwatch you wouldn’t be caught dead without is always protected when charging at night and will be ready to go again in the morning. The elago stands are made by a San Diego-based company that has been operating since 2002.

The detail on these Apple watch docks pays perfect tribute to the similarly simple sophistication that Apple products have always had. Heck, even the disc drive has been recreated, including even that little hole we all used to eject floppy discs with.

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  • Faithful and witty homage to a design classic
  • Silicone construction protects your watch and furniture
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch models
  • Watch can easily lose contact with charger


3) Belkin Valet Charge Dock and Stand

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Belkin is a highly reputable brand when it comes to computer and electronic gadget accessories. They’re known for designing and manufacturing some of the most intuitive and thoughtfully designed products. This Belkin Apple Watch Valet is a great example of that.

We fell in love with the design the moment we saw it. These Apple watch docks are simply drop-dead gorgeous and a great way to display and charge your watch. All while ensuring it’s safe from accidental damage.

The armrest charging dock has an attractive chrome finish that we feel elevates what would’ve been a normal stand to a higher level of cool. As your smartwatch rests on the dock, it sits at the best angle for viewing it. Belkin has ensured that it’s easy to slide it on and off the charger.

The Belkin Watch Valet was the first to ever incorporate magnetic charging hardware. That’s exactly the same as the charging cable that comes with the Apple Watch itself. This means that it’s easy to connect up and almost completely failsafe. The magnets instantly align their connectors and the inductive charging process begins.

Belkin also offers optional support for the watch band. This addition is ideal for models with link bracelet and steel mesh bands and those that are more flexible than others. There’s a subtle charm to it, only emphasized by the 4ft long USB-A cable that’s tethered and runs from under the base.

It doesn’t ruin the charging dock’s visual appeal at all. Neat, tidy, modern, and space-efficient, the Belkin Watch Valet is compatible with the Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Sport, and original Apple Watch.

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  • Modern and elegant, but also intuitive design
  • Presents your watch at optimal viewing angle
  • Incorporates magnetic charger
  • Not compatible with all Apple Watch models


4) Native Union Marble Weighted Charging Dock

Brand Name
Native Union
Model Number
Product Weight

There’s nothing that says gives something an extravagant and luxurious feel than a genuine machine-cut marble that’s been polished with expert care and attention by hand. Yes, that’s right. You did read the words ‘genuine marble’. This is an exquisite place to rest your Apple Watch.

Due to each piece of marble having unique veins and patterns, each dock is completely different.

The watch itself sits on a brushed metal arm that rotates – helping you find the best angle for viewing and using your device while it charges. These Apple Watch docks are also reversible, allowing the watch to sit at either end of the base, depending on what you prefer.

Once you’ve been bowled over by the sheer beauty of their creation, the Native Union brand gives even more reasons to justify the hefty price tag. Their marble dock has been designed to be fully compatible with not just all models of Apple’s signature smartwatch, but all strap styles and sizes too.

The dock holds your watch magnetically, so it doesn’t even matter if it’s unbuckled or not.

To allow the natural aesthetics of this accessory Native Union have engineered it so it consists of only two parts. These components click together and then you’re good to go. No fussing around with screws and other fixtures. Easily feed your Apple Watch charging wire into the stand and never have to worry about fiddling with it again.

If your watch has Nightstand mode, lay this dock on its side and your phone will switch to it. Are you searching for a safe and secure place to keep your smartwatch, given the five-star treatment it really deserves? Then the Marble Edition Dock for Apple Watch from Native Union ticks all the boxes.

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  • Comfortable grips
  • Foldable
  • Kickstand
  • 9mph performance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Clever information display
  • Short 30-minute range


5) Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Sometimes you just want something simple with a beautiful design, and that’s where Nomad comes in. A start-up established by Brian Hahn and Noah Dentzel, they are the creative geniuses behind these marvelous Apple Watch docks. If it seems like you’re just looking at a piece of aluminum, you’re more or less right.

It’s a piece of high-quality aluminum that’s been cut with care and precision using CNC and then anodized to give it an astonishing finish. The company’s approach to the design mirrors Steve Jobs’ own minimalist design approach, making these Apple Watch docks perfect for your smartwatch.

Using it couldn’t be easier, simply connect the charging wire and then slip your watch onto the top of the stand and it’ll start charging immediately. The aircraft-grade aluminum ensures that the stand is both robust and durable. On the underside, there’s high-friction rubber to prevent it from slipping.

Nomad was not content with that being enough.

They took safety precautions to the next level by having a solid piece of copper placed between the rubber and the aluminum. More than three times heavier than aluminum, it provides ballast and you’ll find it very difficult to accidentally knock the stand over.

We don’t know how you feel, but we’re transfixed by Nomad’s creation. Some people aren’t really interested in having a hunk of aluminum just sitting on their bedside table or desk. Others simply prefer easily broken plastic charging docks.

However, these Apple Watch docks are truly too good to overlook, if you want our honest opinion.

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  • Simplistic and functional
  • Robust and durable
  • Hassle-free
  • Not travel friendly


6) Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Are you like many Apple Watch users and have an iPhone as well? Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a place where you could store and charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time? Fortunately, Griffin has come up with an elegant and functional solution with the WatchStand.

While your smartwatch takes its elevated position atop the post, your iPhone has a comfortable and safe resting place on the felt-covered platform. It may not have the hot and sexy looks of other docks and stands in this guide, but the WatchStand can’t be faulted on its ability to fulfill its purpose and efficiently get its job done.

Griffin has ensured that untidy cables are a thing of the past with its clever cable management system. Any excess cabling from these Apple Watch docks is wrapped around the inside of the post, hidden from sight, then fed through the base. If you’re a neat freak, this might be your new best friend.

Even if you’re not a neat freak, it’s hard to argue that having a billion charging cables going this way and that way isn’t frustrating. Griffin’s awesome WatchStand is an ingenious solution. The base has a rubberized footing to ensure it never accidentally falls off your desk, countertop, or bedside table.

There are many different iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Yet in its short lifetime, there’s already a wide range of Apple Watch models and sizes. It’s hard sometimes to find a charging stand or dock that is compatible with all bands. The Griffin WatchStand, therefore, stands out as being different.

It’s designed to be compatible with most models, straps, and sizes. Furthermore, if you find the Nightstand mode useful on your Apple Watch, you can still use it with the WatchStand.

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  • Safe place for charging Apple Watch and iPhone
  • Clever cable management system
  • Smart design
  • No cut-out for wires to feed out of base


7) Mercase Apple Watch Stand

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

The Mercase Apple Watch Stand is a 2-in-1 product. Not only does it provide you with the perfect place to display and charge your Apple Watch, but it also doubles as an ideal place to display and charge your iPhone. Offering a humble price tag, its components are made from highly durable silicone, TPU, and aluminum.

That said, those gadgets you need for everyday life will be well protected.

While the Apple Watch sits on its stand, elevated in a horizontal position, you can still use it for various things. If your Apple Watch comes with Nightstand mode, this stand will give you the best use out of that handy bedside alarm clock. The iPhone, on the other hand, has a silicone-covered stand to rest against.

You can either sit it horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference and if you’re using it while it charges.

You’ll find that the charger for your watch fits very neatly and securely into the stand. The base of the stand has the addition of rubber feet to ensure that whatever surface you place this stand on, it’ll be protected from scratching and damaging.

The rubber feet also provide anti-slip traction for the stand to ensure it doesn’t get tipped accidentally and fall onto the floor. Let’s face it, it’s happened to us all at some point. With these Apple Watch docks from Mercase, that shouldn’t ever be a problem again.

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  • Safe charging spot for phone and watch
  • Rubberized base for traction
  • Compatible with most Apple Watch models
  • Not ideal for watches with heavier bands


8) Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand with Aluminum Body

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

The Spigen S330, like many, is a sturdy and durable stand made from aluminum. The addition of TPU over these Apple Watch docks help to protect against scratching. The company has a patent pending on this extremely convenient, yet elegant accessory.

With most on this list, the stand presents your Apple Watch at the perfect viewing angle. This allows you to enjoy making use of its features, even when it’s charging.

The dock consists of a cut-out made to fit the circular shape of the Apple Watch charger so that you rest place the watch on top and the charger slots into place beneath. This keeps the wires hidden, an important feature if you’re home and want your bedside table or desk to be neat and tidy alongside your stand.

There’s also a cut-out in the side of the stand where you can feed the charger cable through, further lending to its minimalist and slick look.

The base has been devised with the end user in mind, as it has the standard rubber feet at each corner. This prevents it from being toppled over with all your hopes and dreams along with it. Although favored for its flexibility and stability, we can’t help but fall in love with anything featuring heavy use of aluminum.

Something very manly about a hunk of metal at your bedside, don’t you think? We’re not saying women will fall in love with you, singletons, it may help you to start your day with a masculinity boost. Imagine, reaching for your watch, sliding it off that metallic stand and onto your wrist.

You’re a winner dude!

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  • Handy cut-out design for cable management
  • Wider base to prevent stand falling over
  • Compatible with wide variety of models
  • Not up to Spigen’s usual standards


9) Aerb Bamboo Apple Watch Charging Stand

Made by the Aerb brand, these Apple Watch docks are incredibly affordable and elegant. It certainly relies on the natural beauty of bamboo wood, as you can tell. One of the first major plus points for this item is the fact it comes ready to use out of the box. There’s no assembly required at all.

Along with that fact, you’ll notice quickly that it’s ridiculously lightweight.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the lightweight design means it’s not stable enough or secure enough for your Apple Watch. Thanks to the way it’s been built, it can hold whatever it needs to comfortably and effectively. Along with your Apple Watch, it also provides a spot for your iPhone too.

This means you can have a nice place to keep your devices together and tidy. A place where they can still be used, even while they’re being charged. If you’re not the biggest fan of modern and space-age futuristic aesthetics, then this may appeal to you more. It really has a rustic vibe to it.

We can imagine this being at home in a country kitchen countertop or in your office. We almost forgot. Do you find that you need to charge your watch or phone often in your office or at your desk at work?

Take this in your bag and you’ll never lose charge again, while still maintaining a tidy workspace. What’s more, there’s even space to display business cards – ideal for when you’re talking to clients or customers.

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  • Bamboo wood provides a natural and rustic vibe
  • Stable and durable construction
  • Space for phone, watch and business cards
  • Could have better cable management


10) Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch and Phone

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Belkin is at it again with these terrific Apple Watch docks. This is very similar to the aforementioned Belkin Valet dock for just the Apple Watch but differs as this has space for you to charge your phone too. Let’s face it, most the Apple faithful are Apple users ’til you die, and have both the watch and phone from the fruit-based name.

Healthy choice, men.

When they make exquisitely intuitive and beautifully simplistic-looking, yet powerful portable devices, we can’t really blame you. It makes sense to invest in a stand that does two jobs effectively. As mentioned with the other model, this was the first dock on the market to incorporate the Apple Watch magnetic charger into the design.

Your iPhone is kept horizontal while your Apple Watch is elevated above the ground. Similar to that of Simba being displayed for the whole of the Serengeti. With this design, you’re able to get full use out of your devices. As the big difference between this and the other version is the iPhone connectivity, it’s worth discussing some of the great additions.

Probably the biggest selling point, with regards to iPhone charging with this dock is the fact it features the adjustable VersaCase Lightning charge connector. This allows you to charge your phone without moving its case. At Men’s Gear, we all know how much of a pain that can be.

It looks like Belkin feels our pain, and has made a dock to help. There’s no need to worry about too many wires with this stand. Once your devices are connected up to it, they are both charged from the same AC cable.

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  • Slick and compact design
  • Compatible with most Apple Watches
  • Magnetic charger for Apple Watch
  • Magnetic charger loses connection easily


11) Twelve South Forte Chrome and Leather Charging Stand

Brand Name
Twelve South
Model Number
Product Weight

Returning to Twelve South, we have the Forte stand and charging dock. Twelve South were clearly inspired by the elegant simplicity of the Apple Watch when they were designing this. The base of this chrome masterpiece is square, just like the Apple Watch casing. When you slide your smartwatch into place, it’ll look like it’s floating.

The band itself is coated in high-grade leather to protect your watch’s band. This sets off nicely against the silvery shine of the chrome.

As you’d expect from Twelve South, they have ensured that the Forte will work seamlessly with the magnetic charging cable that comes with the Apple Watch. You simply need to slot the magnetic disc in the slot at the top of the Forte, then press the cable into the channel at the back. You’ll then merely place your Apple Watch on top of the disc.

There’s a polycarbonate chromed ring that keeps the charging disc in place. All the while providing a protective layer between your smartwatch and the metallic surface of the stand. With your cables hidden, your focus will always be on your awesome smartwatch.

Unlike other Apple Watch docks, Twelve South made their stand compatible with your watch in both Portrait and Nightstand mode. If you’re simply charging it while you work and need your watch to be fully functional, Forte allows you to do both.

Whereas if you’re using it as an alarm clock while it charges through the night, Forte also enables you to do this.

Finally, this chrome and leather beast is designed to be compatible with nearly every watch size and band style from Apple. That means most of the two-pieces to closed-loops will be covered.

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  • Comfortable 40-degree viewing angle
  • Accommodates Portrait and Nightstand modes
  • Appealing use of chrome and leather
  • Nightstand with heavier bands causes issues


12) Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock (Dual Stand)

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

We end on a high with another great product from Griffin. These are known to be deceptively clever Apple Watch docks. It doesn’t really look like much, does it? However, it displays your Apple Watch at a very easy to view angle, while charging it.

The best thing is, thanks to its ridiculously simple, but classy design, you have the perfect cable management. The bulk of your smartwatch, you can store the cable in the post. This keeps your desk, bedside table, or even kitchen countertop neat and tidy and free of unruly wires and cables.

Human beings are typically an impatient bunch, aren’t we? We want everything now and when you know you’ve got to wait until your watch charges, it can be frustrating. This is why it’s handy to have this something like one of these Apple watch docks around.

You can still use it and benefit from its many great features, despite any connection it has to your main socket. For the price and the compact design, even if it’s not the best stand in the world, we think this is worth considering.

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  • Excellent cable management
  • Holds Apple Watch at comfortable viewing angle
  • No-scratch padding on holder and non-slip base
  • May be a bit too tall


Time’s A-Marching on!

The clock strikes closing time for this guide. We’ve really enjoyed putting this list together for you guys. We hope it helps to point you in the direction of the right dock or stand for your Apple Watch. In order to ensure that your smartwatch is safe and secure when it’s not on your wrist, you clearly need one of these great accessories.

Whether it remains safe and secure while it’s on your wrist, however, is down to you, hombre. Admittedly, it’s not the easiest thing to do – choosing one from thousands when they all claim to be the best. That’s where we hope we’ve succeeded.

We wanted to highlight Apple Watch docks that could provide the latest technology and compatibility. Meanwhile, opening up your eyes to newer companies and showing off their great design that rivals the big brands.

We have our favorites, what’s yours? Did you fall in love with the marble of the Native Union stand or are you a Belkin fan? With the information we’ve given in this guide, we know that whichever you choose from the brilliant Apple Watch docks and stands above you’ll make the right choice for you.

Time for Men’s Gear to clock out. Until next time chaps!