Last month we gave you a glimpse of the Zero XP – an all-electric motorcycle with aviation undertones. Now, we’re taking it up a notch with another unique two-wheeler that comes with a quirky design. Originating from Argentina is this space-age motorcycle that looks straight out of an old-school sci-fi flick. This bike is unlike anything we have seen before and it’s definitely a good thing. Here is a custom Zanella ZB 125 that no longer looks like your average scooter.

Despite looking like an art installation, this futuristic machine is fully-functional in its own intriguing way. The artist behind this sleek ride is Patricio Castelli a master craftsman that loves to work with aluminum. He regularly handles commissions from various clients, but once in a while, he creates metal masterpieces.

This custom Zanella ZB 125 is one of those projects that once existed as an idea and now exist in the real world. The donor motorcycle is from an Argentinian manufacturer that’s been in the business for over 60 years. Powering this aerodynamic frame is a 125cc single-cylinder engine with an 8-horsepower and 6 lb-ft of torque output. Furthermore, it uses a 4-speed automatic transmission.

For this custom Zanella ZB 125, Castelli is taking it all apart. Leaving only the transmission and engine. He is fabricating everything from scratch and the result is a Motorcycle that resembles an aircraft. Unlike the conventional fork, his creation uses a unique mechanism to steer. Likewise, instead of a regular twist throttle, there’s a thumb lever underneath one of the handles. The bodywork is mostly aluminum sheets with rivets to fasten it down.

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Images courtesy of Patricio Castelli