Folks lucky enough to have a sizeable outdoor space at home should welcome the summer months in style. Just recently, we were featuring some great items to enhance your isolation experience. There was this huge 85-inch Samsung Terrace – a weather-resistant TV – for entertainment. Another was a minimalist charcoal grill from Spark Grills. Up next is something awesome for those who plan to hit the beach soon. This here is the YuJet Surfer, which the manufacturer describes as an electric jetboard.

While the concept is not exactly new, YuJet hopes to cater to the needs of adventurous souls who love to carve through water. While most watersports rely on the wind and the waves, the Surfer hopes to deliver enjoyment anytime and anywhere. Roughly the size of a regular surfboard, experts will feel right at home. Meanwhile, newbies can also enjoy the ride with its user-friendly controls.

The Surfer promises a lightweight yet versatile platform courtesy of its carbon fiber construction and hydrodynamic design. This allows the powerful electric motor to push you up to speeds of 24 miles per hour. To ensure that the fun does not end prematurely, YuJet equips it with a waterproof and rechargeable 36-mAh lithium-ion battery.

A full charge should be good enough for up to 40 minutes or a 16-mile range. Its user-friendly nature makes it easy for owners to swap out the batteries, or attach and remove the quick-release FCSII fins. Pros can toggle Sport Mode to unleash its full potential, while casual users can go for the Beginner Mode instead. Finally, the YuJet Surfer connects to a wireless remote with a variable speed trigger.

Grab yours now – $9,999

Images courtesy of Yujet