When regular drones begin to lose their charm, it might be time to check out another hobby. For those of you already planning your excursions once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, we got something awesome in mind. Given that it’s already summer, what comes to mind are usually the sun and sea. On the other hand, it could also be other bodies of water. It does not really matter because the Chasing M2 is here to spark your adventurous spirit.

After conquering the skies with quadcopters and other similar toys, its time to take the action underwater. Unless you prefer to personally get into the action with the proper gear, this might be the alternative you wanted all along. To ensure superior maneuverability, the Chasing M2 relies on eight thrusters in strategic locations.

This allows whoever is in control to enjoy dynamic 360-degree movement. In addition to its vectoring versatility, this underwater drone is compatible with various add-ons. Owners can keep the stock configuration for casual usage. Meanwhile, others can likewise equip it with attachments according to their industrial requirements.

Chasing lists various applications such as aquaculture inspection, search & rescue, underwater photography, and so much more. Providing the M2 power is a 97.68-Wh battery enough for roughly 2-4 hours of runtime. The M2 is capable of recording 4K videos and navigate through low-light environments with the help of its 4,000-lumen LED lights. It can even dive to a maximum depth of 330 feet and cruise effortlessly with a maximum speed of 3 knots.

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Images courtesy of Chasing