If someone tells you that a luxury brand is planning to make surfboards and skateboards, you’d probably say they’re crazy. We’re probably going to have the same reaction, but it’s becoming a reality soon. As insane as it might seem, the Chanel SS19 Skateboard and Surfboard are both, in fact, actual products. Given the brand’s luxury appeal, the items will practically cost an arm and a leg. To be honest, it’s no surprise that the land-based item retails for $7,500, while the water-friendly model goes for $8,900 a pop. Nevertheless, the two products will certainly appeal to a specific market of affluent consumers who will add them to their collection.

The one responsible for this extravagant lineup is none other than Karl Lagerfeld, the luxury label’s creative director. In the past, this iconic designer also worked on other projects such as motorcycle helmets, ice skates, and more. Fans of his signature style will no doubt snap these up without question. According to reports, these new items are part of the marque’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

For the Skateboard, you’re getting a stylish wooden deck with a coating of black lacquer. The bottom portion flaunts a diamond pattern with the double C in the middle. Meanwhile, the top features a grip tape surface with the iconic logo under and embossed panel right in the center. The trucks and hardware are all in black with a few white accents that accompany the color of its wheels.

On the other hand, the Surfboard is apparently using aluminum, glass, and polyurethane for its construction. It showcases a silver paintwork with the familiar logo close to the tail. Buyers can grab the Chanel SS19 Skateboard and Surfboard from the official web store or from select stores across the globe.

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