The Yohann iPad Pro Stand speaks of elegance and functionality. It is a great substitute for plastic or steel stands but doesn’t look too monotonous with any of its kind.

This great addition to your work setup lets you view in either portrait or landscape mode and stays standing even on soft surfaces. It doesn’t tip or fall down when placed on a duvet or soft pillow. That’s because it has a specifically designed contoured base that adapts to any surface.

Moreover, the Yohann iPad Pro Stand gives you three angles to choose from for the ideal comfortable position. Tip it farthest to the back and make your device looks like it’s floating in the air. Despite the incline, you still have a large space on the back for a charging cable to pass through, or better yet, there’s a hole on the front under the holder that lets you charge while at work.

Best of all, it can hold an Apple pencil so you don’t have to stash the pen somewhere else and it is within easy reach. Various built-in magnets in the front edge make it possible to attach both generations of the Apple Pens. Meanwhile, a ridge along the entire width of the stand stabilizes the pen in its correct position.

Likewise, the backrest for the iPad is purposely raised to incorporate a slot for the Apple Pen that has a velvet lining to prevent scratches. The Yohann iPad Pro Stand, unfortunately, does not support those with a protective case and is ideal for uncovered iPads. Now all you need is a wireless keyboard to complete your work desk setup.

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Images courtesy of Yohann