If you think that the motorcycle riding experience is limited to roads and trails, YETI is here to show us other cool possibilities. Although winter tires do help with traction when the roads start to get slippery, the SnowMX goes beyond that. It turns your bike into something close to a snowmobile but distinctly unique.

The conversion kit – much like what others offer – allows motorcycle owners to truly enjoy an extreme experience. Take note that it is compatible with motocross-ready models from certain marques. The list includes, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, GASGAS, KTM, and others more.

Don’t let the fun with your dirt bike end when the snow falls as YETI keeps your adrenaline pumping. There are three trims and each has varying capabilities. Nonetheless, the models in the new SnowMX lineup are all engineered for people who love to carve powder. There’s the 120 FREERIDE, 129 FREERIDE, and 137 MOUNTAIN.

You might as well splurge for the range-topping SnowMX kit to get the most out of your winter escapades. Starting at around $7,939 the YETI 137 MOUNTAIN comes with a carbon fiber chassis. It features a spindle that provides outstanding control thanks to its improved flexion and torsion rigidity.

Make each ride a smooth one thanks to the ELKA Stage 3 shocks of its suspension system. Meanwhile, the syncrodrive system’s nylon housing enhances ground clearance and aids in shock absorption as well. Ensuring optimal traction is the 12.5” wide track with 2.6-inch cup-shape lugs. The SnowMX kits are outfitted with HAYES pre-bleed brake setups for superior stopping performance.

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Images courtesy of YETI