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11 Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If you want to ride on rough terrain, choose an electric dirt bike. This bike uses a battery-powered motor that’s eco-friendly, doesn’t make a lot of noise, and doesn’t need a ton of maintenance. 

How long can you ride on an electric dirt bike before charging it?

While the amount of time depends on the type of dirt bike you choose,  you can easily ride this type of bike for a few hours. 

When its battery starts to run out, you just have to charge it. If you want to buy an electric dirt bike, you’ll need to find the best and most affordable choice that will allow you to increase the amount of fun you have outdoors.

With that in mind, here’s our list of 11 best electric dirt bikes for your next outdoor adventure and many more to come.

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Editor's Choice

KTM Freeride E-XC Review

KTM Freeride E-XC Review

If you want to ride an electric dirt bike in the great outdoors every weekend, you need to buy one that’s strong and durable.


Premium Choice

Light Bee L1e Street Fighter Review

Light Bee L1e Street Fighter Review

If you want to ride off road but you also want a more versatile bike that allows you to ride on the road, this Light Bee electric bike is a good choice.


Budget Choice

Sur Ron X Bike Black Edition

Sur Ron X Bike Black Edition

This electric dirt bike has a Sine Wave X-Controller that provides a more powerful, yet smoother and quieter, experience.



1Light Bee L1e Street Fighter Review

Light Bee L1e Street Fighter

This is a plug and play electric bike that doesn’t require any fluids so it’s easy to maintain. It’s lightweight as it only weighs 121 pounds and can easily be moved around. If you want to ride off road but you also want a more versatile bike that allows you to ride on the road, this Light Bee electric bike is a good choice. It has a high-power LED headlight that helps you find your way and stay safe in the dark.

It’s equipped with reliable fenders to help you maintain your riding style without worrying about mud or dirt getting on the bike and being difficult to clean once you get home. This bike motor outputs up to 5,000 watts of power, while its driving wheel produces 250Nm torque when in sport mode. It can reach speeds of up to 47 miles per hour.

It’s easy to use on bumpy terrain, thanks to its 19-inch wheel set that makes riding much more comfortable and enjoyable. It’s got a long-lasting battery so you don’t have to worry about your electric bike losing power during an off-road adventure.

This best electric dirt bike is equipped with everything you need to stay safe. It comes with a LCD dashboard, a turn signal, and brake light. One thing to bear in mind about this bike, however, is that If one of the bike’s parts breaks, you might find it difficult to get replacement parts.


  • checkUp to 5,000 watts, with 250Nm torque
  • checkHigh-power LED headlight
  • checkIt’s got a long-lasting battery


  • cross-altDifficult to get replacement parts


  • Speed: 47mph
  • Battery: High standard 18650 cells
  • Weight: 121 lbs


This is one of the best electric dirt bikes that enable you to reach high speeds while also enjoying aggressive riding outdoors, so it’s perfect for navigating difficult terrain. It’s every bike customizer’s dream. This best mud bike is a mid-size trail bike that’s suitable for older teens and adults. It’s got a rugged design and has been built for aggressive riding.

While rugged, it allows for smooth riding as a result of its Sine Wave controller. The bike has a 12kW rear-direct brushless motor. This provides you with a top speed of around 70mph. This is much more than the previous bike we featured. You’ll love that it comes with a display screen which shows you a variety of functions, such as your distance, speed, as well as the time, temperature, and more.

This electric dirt bike frame comes in a variety of colors. You can choose between black, white, or red in a gloss finish, or opt for a gorgeous matte black. There are other features you can customize, such as when it comes to the bike’s frame fixer screws, controller type, front forks, moto wheel color, tire type, and pedal assist system.

You can even add an alarm system to your purchase of the bike.This electric dirt bike has a 72 volt 48Ah Panasonic battery pack. The downside of this is that it provides you with about 30 miles of range, and it has to be charged for several hours to give you a full charge.


  • checkSine Wave controller for smooth ride
  • checkDisplay screen with variety of functions
  • checkIt comes in a variety of colors


  • cross-altIt has to be charged for several hours


  • Speed: 68 mph
  • Battery: 72V 48 Ah (Panasonic 32BD 20S 15P)
  • Weight: 136 lbs
3Vector Vortex Review

Vector Vortex

This bike by Vector Vortex has been built for offroad biking, whether you want to head into the mountains or tackle forest terrain. It was tested by the company with a 150-kilo load on hills in the Alps to prove that it could tackle any type of terrain, and it performed really well.

This Vector Vortex electric dirt bike has a 10,000 watt motor. Thanks to how it’s made with a low RPM motor and Sine Wave speed controller, this bike is silent so you don’t have to worry about drawing unwanted attention to you. Its frame is large enough for two people to ride on the bike, which makes it even more fun to use.

This electric dirt bike has a direct chain connection between the rear wheel and motor, so you can make use of regenerative braking. This basically means that you can save energy while the brakes will last longer than non-regenerative ones.

Thanks to its smart battery management system, this bike can handle over 600 charging cycles before losing around 20 percent of its initial capacity. This is the equivalent of 60,000 kilometers. You can also head into the city with this electric dirt bike, thanks to how it can be used as a regular bicycle as long as you program it with a 15mph speed limit. The bike’s got three power modes: Normal, Boost, and Eco.

One thing that you might not like about this electric dirt bike is that it’s a bit heavier than some competing bikes. It weighs 152 pounds.


  • checkIts frame is large enough for two people
  • checkRegenerative braking function
  • checkThree power modes: Normal, Boost, and Eco


  • cross-altIt’s a bit heavier than some other bikes


  • Speed: 50mph
  • Battery: 300 separate Li-Ion cells
  • Weight: 152lbs
4KTM Freeride E-XC Review

KTM Freeride E-XC

If you want to ride an electric dirt bike in the great outdoors every weekend, you need to buy one that’s strong and durable. This one by KTM ticks all the right boxes while offering extra features you’ll love.

This electric dirt bike for adults is an agile bike that has a brushless 18kW synchronous motor with an WP XPLOR front and rear suspension. This makes it extremely smooth for outdoor terrain. It has a control unit that’s water cooled so that it can tolerate any weather conditions you throw at it. The bike frame is light yet strong. It’s made from quality chrome-molybdenum steel with sections of forged aluminum.

You’ll love that the tapered aluminum handlebar has good ergonomics to provide you with increased control and comfort. The bike’s display screen will inform you of how much battery life you have left. It shows up in red and green so you can quickly see what you’re dealing with without having to stop.

The bike comes with three modes: Economy (50km/h speed limit), Enduro (16km/h speed limit), and Cross (18km/h speed limit). It has adjustable features, such as its WP XPLOR 43 front fork with 250mm of travel and WP XPLOR PDS rear shock with 260mm of travel. This electric dirt bike takes about 110 minutes to charge fully.

What’s the downside? The bike’s brakes are said to be a bit weak for aggressive riders.


  • checkWater cooled control unit
  • checkChrome-molybdenum steel frame
  • checkThree modes: Economy, Enduro and Cross


  • cross-altWeak brakes for aggressive riders


  • Speed: 50mph
  • Battery: Lithium-ion KTM PowerPack
  • Weight: 240
5Zero FX Review

Zero FX

This electric dirt bike is easy for anyone to use, whether you’re a beginner or experienced dirt bike rider. It can reach top speeds of 85 mph, which is pretty cool. This is the highest speed of any electric dirt bike on our list.

It can reach top speeds of 85 mph, which is pretty cool. This is the highest speed of any electric dirt bike on our list. This is a tough electric dirt bike, thanks to its strong Z-Force powertrain, dual-sport equipment, and long-legged suspension.

It has a 100-percent electric powertrain, which means it doesn’t require much maintenance. It has an Eco mode that reduces its violent throttle. When you’re riding on the road, you will gain more energy whenever you slow down your speed.

What’s great about this electric dirt bike is that it has excellent acceleration to make you go fast, but its low frame weight makes it easy to ride. The bike has an attractive blue LCD dashboard so you can view a lot of useful information such as its power output, battery level, and other data.

It’s ideal for beginners, thanks to its one-speed, direct-drive clutchless drivetrain. This makes the bike easy to use, no matter your skill level. Its controller makes use of regenerative deceleration to save energy as well as harness it better so it doesn’t go to waste.

There is a potential drawback associated with its one-speed clutchless transmission – it can make it difficult to control and manage the throttle power output, and this can result in over-throttling. Another drawback is that it will take about five hours to charge this bike’s battery to 100 percent.


  • checkIt’s ideal for beginners
  • checkEco mode reduces its violent throttle
  • checkAttractive blue LCD dashboard


  • cross-altDifficult to control one-speed clutchless transmission
  • cross-altIt will take about five hours to charge


  • Speed: 85mph
  • Battery: N/A
  • Weight: 105.8 lbs
6Segway Dirt eBike X160 Review

Segway Dirt eBike X160

This eBike is the perfect blend of a gas-powered dirt bike and mountain bike, giving you the best of both worlds in a rugged appearance. It has an Eco mode that is ideal for most types of riding.

You can easily transition from one type of terrain to another as a result of its Field Oriented Controls that provide greater stability and adapt to your riding habits. You can conveniently swap the bike’s battery for a new one, and this will only take a few seconds.

The bike is lightweight, thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. It can reach top speeds of around 31mph, and you can get around 40 miles from a single charge of the battery. Since it makes use of a Panasonic battery, this Segway electric dirt bike has enough battery power to ensure you can achieve greater distances. You’ll go from 0 to 31mph in four seconds!

This ebike has a front wheel mechanical drum brake and a back wheel regenerative electric brake, which provides you with more stability. If you’re looking for a bike that you can customize, you’ll love this one because it’s compatible with almost all bike parts.

Outdoor riding will be powerful but comfortable, thanks to its multi-link hydraulic spring central rear suspension and double shoulder inverted front fork.

What’s the downside? It takes around five hours to get a full charge. You will have to remember to charge it before you use it, so it might not be ideal for spontaneous trips.


  • checkLightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • checkRegenerative electric brake at back wheel
  • checkIt’s compatible with almost all bike parts


  • cross-altIt takes five hours to get a full charge


  • Speed: 31.1 mph
  • Battery: Panasonic 1920Wh
  • Weight: 105.8 lbs
7Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Bike

Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Bike

This bike is the perfect versatile dirt bike because you can use it in the city or when navigating rough terrain outdoors. It’s become a smash hit with consumers and offers very high speeds – you can reach up to around 90km/h on it.

You can use this bike for outdoor terrain or urban roads. It comes with a pedal-assist system that can handle a variety of terrain with ease. This bike has a battery capacity that can last for 500 charging cycles. This is one of the bike’s upgraded features. It has a very good battery capacity that’s estimated at 100,000 miles.

This electric dirt bike’s brakes have been upgraded. They prevent overheating when stopping the eBike at high speeds. The bike has a premium DNM suspension which is adjustable and makes you feel like you’re riding on the clouds.

What makes it great for off-road and city riding is the bike fork’s 203mm stroke. This gives it a true motorbike feel. The bike frame is strong and durable, thanks to how it’s made out of high-tensile steel. You can customize a variety of this bike’s components, such as its wheels, saddles, side boxes, and frame color to your heart’s content.

When purchasing the bike you can also choose optional extras, such as a phone holder, glass-filled nylon fenders, rims, grips, and tires. While it has some amazing features, some people who have purchased this electric dirt bike have said that its battery is difficult and time-consuming to remove.


  • checkAdjustable premium DNM suspension
  • checkStrong and durable high-tensile steel frame
  • checkBattery capacity for 500 charging cycles


  • cross-altBattery is tricky and hard to remove


  • Speed: 50mph
  • Battery: Lithium battery LG 3200mAh
  • Weight: 154 lbs
8Cake Kalk OR Review

Cake Kalk OR

If you want an electric dirt bike that’s easy to charge (and who doesn’t?), this one by Cake is worth considering. It also provides a fast charge. This electric dirt bike is both lightweight and agile. It can reach a top speed of 90 km/h, and it weighs 174 lbs so it’s easy to control.

This fast electric dirt bike has quality suspension on board in the form of Öhlins premium air fork and linkage mounted rear shocks. Öhlins is a leading suspension manufacturer. Onboard charger is quite unusual feature in electric bikes and it makes the charging process much easier.

The bike frame is made of carbon fiber and aluminum so it’s strong and lightweight. Since it makes use of an 80-tooth rear sprocket and 13-tooth front sprocket, the bike is great for when you need to ride uphill.

It comes with three modes: Explore, which increases the bike’s battery life to between three and four hours; Excite, which offers up to two hours of riding; and Excel, which provides maximum power but means you can only use the bike for an hour. You can charge this electric dirt bike in just 2.5 hours.

Some things you might not like about this bike include that its frame reveals many of the bike’s internal components, such as the battery and controller, so they will be exposed to outside elements, and this dirt bike doesn’t come with an included rear fender. This means you can’t use it with confidence on muddy trails.


  • checkÖhlins premium suspension
  • checkOnboard charger for easy charge
  • checkCarbon fiber and aluminum frame


  • cross-altDoesn’t come with an included rear fender
  • cross-altExposed internal components


  • Speed: 55mph
  • Battery: 51.8 Volt 2.6 kWh , 50 Ah battery
  • Weight: 174 lbs
9Sur Ron X Bike Black Edition

Sur Ron X Bike Black Edition

While this Sur Ron is pretty much the same bike as the original one from the company, it does have some extra features that set it apart. This electric dirt bike has a Sine Wave X-Controller that provides a more powerful, yet smoother and quieter, experience as compared to the previous model.

It has what’s known as Sport mode that charges the battery when you release the throttle, so it allows regenerative coasting. It has an O-ring chain that allows you to enjoy longer and quieter use. The handlebars and hand grips are sporty and rugged. However, this bike is lightweight, as it only weighs 100 pounds.

It’s got an excellent power-to-weight ratio that allows you to control the bike confidently, which makes it the best electric dirt bike for sale. Its battery is located in the center of the bike, underneath a locked compartment, and it’s really easy to change.

The bike slows down really quickly, and this is as a result of its front and rear 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes. It makes use of a powerful 60v 32ah pack battery which is said to have four times the capacity of other electric dirt bikes on the market.

It has a dual-LED front headlight that’s very bright, so it’s ideal for tackling outdoor trails on overcast days. There are some issues with this bike. It offers limited options for customization, which might not appeal to you. In addition, the seat length is a bit narrow and tough, which could prove uncomfortable.


  • checkFront and rear 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • checkExcellent power-to-weight ratio
  • checkIt only weighs 100 pounds


  • cross-altLimited options for customization
  • cross-altSeat length is a bit narrow and tough


  • Speed: 50mph
  • Battery: 60v 31.9ah Panasonic
  • Weight: 100lbs
10Kuberg Cross Hero Review

Kuberg Cross Hero

This is an electric dirt bike that’s designed for young riders, so it’s a great gift idea for kids. This is an electric dirt starter bike for people who are between the ages of five and 12. It’s built to be powerful, with a 3,000 watt motor. It has an advanced air suspension system that makes the ride comfortable and smooth despite its speed.

It has a steel frame that’s strong but isn’t too heavy, so kids will be able to carry their bikes or load them easily into their parents’ car at the end of the day. This bike provides your child with two hours of riding time.

If you’re worried about your child reaching top speed on this bike, you can adjust the torque and speed so that your child is safe and comfortable. This is a fantastic feature for parents. You can also limit the distance that your child is able to ride so that when they cross a set perimeter the bike will start to slow down automatically.

Another cool feature of this bike is that you can connect your phone to the bike’s handlebars to use it as a speedometer. The bike’s firmware is updated automatically so that your bike always performs at its best.

Your child or teen will love being able to time their laps and see how much they’re improving over time. They can also share the routes and statistics with their friends. One of the downsides of this bike is that it takes about six hours to become fully charged.


  • checkAdjust the torque for safety
  • checkSteel frame that’s strong but isn’t too heavy
  • checkConnect phone as a speedometer


  • cross-altIt takes six hours to fully charged


  • Speed: 16 mph
  • Battery: 36V lithium-ion
  • Weight: 73 lbs
11Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Bike Review

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Bike

This top electric dirt bike packs a real punch and was designed as a tribute to a popular rider called Jeremy McGrath. It’s a miniature version of his actual bike, which is pretty cool. It’s built for riders that are 14 and up, and can handle rider weight of up to 175 pounds.

This electric dirt bike for kids has a strong steel frame and wheels that are designed to be like those of a motorbike, so you get both power and strength. The motor is powerful and this, combined with its twist-grip throttle, helps you to reach up to 15 miles of speed per hour, and for up to 40 minutes.

You can get this amount of riding time from the bike because it has a rechargeable 36-volt battery system. It has dual suspension to make riding it comfortable and smooth, also because of chain-driven pattern that prevents the bike from making unnecessary movements.

It has a strong steel frame with an aluminum beam to ensure it stays light. With a dual-brake system that’s manually operated, this bike is easy to control. Both the front and rear brakes also provide stopping power whenever it’s required. The wheels are large and knobby so that the bike remains stable, even on difficult terrain.

A drawback of this bike is that it has an extremely long charging time – expect to wait up to 12 hours for it to charge fully.


  • checkDual suspension for comfortable and smooth ride
  • checkStrong steel frame with aluminum beam
  • checkDual-brake system wheels, and large and knobby wheels


  • cross-altVery long charging - up to 12 hours


  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Battery: 36-volt battery system
  • Weight: 98 lbs


If you want to buy a new dirt bike, you’re spoiled for choice. There are many quality electric dirt bikes on the market that provide decent speed, comfort, as well as noise-free and low-maintenance operation.

In this buying guide, we’ve featured 11 of the best electric start dirt bikes on the market, looking at their features in more detail so you can buy the one that ticks all your boxes and increases the enjoyment of your days when you go off the beaten track.

We’ve also included two bikes that children and teens can enjoy, which are perfect for family bike rides in the great outdoors. 

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